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Netflix’s Enola Holmes – Ending Explained

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

There may be a lot of films out there based on detective stories, but there are quite a few which are definitely worth watching, and one of them seems is recently released Enola Holmes, which was recently released on Netflix and manage to gain a lot of appreciation from the viewers within a short span of it going on Netflix. The name seems very much familiar to us with another detective story that we have watched since childhood, but as it names it has nothing to do with that. Enola Holmes has a different set of events in its story, and that is definitely worth spending those couple of hours watching this film.

One of the many issues or the story of the main plot of Enola Holmes was based on feminism, and the audience loved this perspective of the film very much because it had involved almost all the life glimpse of a detective that involves his own growth or progress also of the thing he is working on and also he is not sure of his life, that involves the word sacrifice and these all points are well covered in this film and would love to watch it.

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Where Did Enola Holmes Start With?

The first thing with that Enola Holmes work within this film is finding her mother, who went disappearing. Her mother has been shown as her ultimate teacher she had taught her martial arts, solving puzzles, and whatnot. The film has shown her bond with her mother after Enola’s both the brothers went out of the house. She starts working on various clues that she gets and finally she got to know that she is London and she leaves for London as soon she gets to know about it. In London, she sees her mother working for controversial political reforms with other women’s, essentially the reform was about expanding the political rights of the women. In this part of the film, we are shown various insights into a political movement that has some agenda but getting her mother back isn’t that easy. Enola finds her mother only at the end of the film, which she gets to know from the clue of another second case that she was working upon it.

Enola Holmes – Ending Explained

The films proceed with the second case of a guy who is running from his family, who are in fact also the assassin who has attacked the train. Here Enola meets her as she is one who saves the life of Lord Tewksbury, the name of that guy, and Enola and Tewksbury make their journey to London. Now, Enola has started an investigation on both the cases that is of Tewksbury and that of her mother. She finds that her mother has been fighting for reform, which one segment of the people aren’t agreeing with, and the film turns interesting when we come to know that both the cases are not separate but are interlinked to each other.

Both the cases are interlinked in such a way that Lord Tewksbury is the guy who is soon going to be inducted into the Lords, and this thing has turned the assains aggressive and have attempted to kill Tewksbury several times. The Lords are the same group who are against the reform bill for which Enola’s mother is fighting up. Now, Enola has been stuck with two things because solving up Tewksbury’s case would lead to simply pass the reform bill in the parliament, and then that would directly hinder the political protest that her mother is part of it.

The story of Enola Holmes then takes a different turn which was certainly quite unexpected but still interesting. Enola herself comes out in support of the reform bill she gives a speech out to the young females for fighting out for their rights. Women have been facing various inequalities prejudice in the field of everything, and further things would be great to watch than to read, and at last, Enola finds her mother, and the film ends on a happy note.


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