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Top 10 Black Clover Fights of All Time

Is Black Clover available to watch on Netflix?
Asta's rage Black form

Black Clover from Yuki Tabata and serialized by Studio Pierrot is clearly a modern Shonen gem. Debuting on October 3, 2017, the anime follows the story of two boys, Asta and Yuno, as they strive towards their goal to become the Wizard King. After facing adversity and the strongest of opponents in neighboring nations, elves and a devil himself. The anime has been announced to be reaching its end. With its final episode on 30th March 2020 and an announcement to follow, we are here to look back in time. This article will cover the Top 10 Black Clover fights across the anime. And anyone who is yet to catch up with Black Clover is warned for spoilers ahead.

10. Yami vs. Licht (Patry)

Yami Sukehiro facing Leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun, Licht.

This event was the first time in Black Clover where we were introduced to the elves bringing us to the edge of our seats. Yami, the captain of Black Bulls who dawns the rugged badass persona is seen in action. Those who had doubts about him are proved wrong as he lives up to his personality when he goes toe-to-toe with Patry, who then is believed to be Licht. Yami, using his Dark Magic, is the perfect opponent for Light Magic using Patry. And in the process, he drags down Patry nearly to his dismal death. No doubt Patry’s Light Magic was fearsome and competent in itself. But Yami’s dark magic and Katana combined with his ki sensing are miles ahead of Patry.

9. Mereoleona vs. Raia, the Disloyal

Mereoleona overpowers Raia.

Feared by Yami himself, Mereoleona is a fearsome warrior who has mastered Mana Zone while training in strong mana areas. Now we finally see her in battle as she takes on one of the third eye, Raia the Disloyal. As the Royal Knights head into the Shadow Castle, Mereoleona faces him as she displays that she is more than just capable of punches. In Black Clover, she is a force of nature as she pushes through whatever is thrown at her. Raia, despite using the copy magic to even copy Asta’s swords, is unable to pin her down. And finds himself overwhelmed by Mereoleona’s mana zone and flurry of flaming fists, which are followed by explosions of flame magic. If it weren’t for the arrival of other elves, Mereoleona was sure to have won.

8. Black Bulls vs. Vetto, The Despair

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Vetto, the Despair, unleashes his power against the Black Bulls.

When Black Bulls goes into the Underwater Temple to obtain a Magic Stone, they face one of the Third Eye. Vetto, the Despair, pushes all the Black Bulls into a corner as we witness this cutthroat battle. During this battle, we see many important character developments. Noelle finally learns her attack spell, Sea Dragon’s Roar. Magna and Luck, in a partnership, fight Vetto to the edge of their lives. While we also see Vanessa and Finral first time in action in Black Clover as they assist Asta in fighting him. They are successful in dealing a major blow, but Vetto starts unleashing all of his power. Yami, who was trapped in another dimension, is moved by his squad’s relentlessness and breaks out. He channels his dark magic to deal a massive blow leading to his death.

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7. Rill vs. Yuno

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Yuno transforms as he assimilates the wind spirit, Sylph.

With Asta tragically kicked out of the Royal Knights Selection Exam following his surprising tie against Langris. Yuno, Noelle, and En face Rill’s squad in a makeshift Final. During this, we see a one-on-one fight between Yuno and the scatterbrained yet supremely talented captain of the Aqua Deer Knights. In any normal situation, Rill’s picture magic would spell doom for even the most seasoned of magic users. But Yuno gives him a run for his money as he shows off the fruits of his labor by merging himself with the wind spirit, Sylph. This is the first time in Black Clover that we see Yuno’s form Spirit Assimilation: Spirit Dive. He becomes capable of unleashing spirit magic gets flashier than ever. As the two cast their spells, Yuno comes out victorious.

6. Asta vs. Ladros

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Asta transforms into his black form for the first time as he faces Ladros.

When Asta hurts his arms during his fight against Vetto, Vanessa goes to her mother, the Queen of Witches, to get help. During their visit as Diamond Kingdom attacks, Asta faces Ladros, one of the Eight Shining Generals of Diamond Kingdom. Up until now, no magic-user had relied purely on the strength of their body and inability to accept defeat. Asta has the drive to push himself forward in the hope of being the Wizard King. And as he is up against the all-consuming power of the murderous shining general, this drive is proved to be insufficient. But thankfully, he is able to find a way to tap into all that anti-magic that has been circulating in his system. Here we get Asta’s Black form for the first time in Black Clover, where he becomes a one-winged warrior. And he quickly turned the tides as he hunts down Ladros.

5. Lumiere vs Demon Licht

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Licht turns into a demon.

From the very first episode of Black Clover, we had been seeing an event play repeatedly in every episode. And we finally get to witness this event with proper context. The demon is, in fact, the Elf Leader Licht as he transforms into it when he refuses to give in to despair after Tetia’s death. Lumiere tries to put a stop to his friend before he does anything he would regret. But Licht being unable to get a hold of himself, Lumiere has to fight him. This is a visually stunning display of magic and mayhem. Not to mention how painful the sacrifices of both Lumiere and Licht were. In the very end, when Lumiere gets the opportunity, he summons a giant light sword impaling his best friend Licht to end his misery.

4. Everyone vs. Zagred

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Zagred, the devil

As Zagred comes into the real world by tricking Patry and the elves, Asta and his friends fight him to put a stop to his plans. During this fight, Asta is joined by Yuno, Lumiere, Secre, Licht, Patry, Yami, and Charla. Zagred is the ultimate evil that had plagued both men and elves for the longest time. And now Lumiere and Licht finally get to avenge their friends 500 years later. During this fight, we see Asta and Yuno both upgrade their weaponry. And also how Secre helps Asta to land one final strike. But this is only made possible by Yami, who uses his new attack, Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox, to slice the devil in half.

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3. Asta vs. Dante

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Dante, possessed by Demon King Lucifero.

As the Spade Kingdom arc has finally begun, we finally see a glimpse of the Dark Triad in action. Dante comes to the Black Bulls Headquarters to hunt down Yami when Asta and the Black Bulls take him on. As the fight continued, we could see how outmatched the Black Bulls were to Dante. Dante possessing the Devil King, Lucifero wants Asta to be more human and give in to his emotions. So, he impales Gauche with a sword. Seeing this, Asta goes out of control with rage as he gives in to his emotions. We can see how his Devil powers have increased, indicated by the Black energy and a tiny second wing. This is a very visually appealing fight and have Black Clover fans raring to go for future episodes.

2. Julius Novachrono vs Patry

Top 10 Black Clover Fights

Patry impales Julius with a Light sword to his chest.

The leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun shares a body with William Vangeance. Unable to make a decision, he enables Patry to fight it out with the Wizard King, Julius. During this fast-paced fight, we see Patry’s versatility as he makes use of light magic as a whip or even long-range attacks. But even so, Julius having a no cover grimoire and time magic is miles ahead of him. Patry was just a bit far from stealing the beacon of hope from humans but falls short. So, his last choice was to force Julius to drop his guard as he was about to kill everyone in the Clover Kingdom. Julius stops this but ends up sacrificing himself by getting stabbed by a light sword to his chest.

1. Asta and Yuno vs Licht

Licht takes his Demon-Dweller Sword back from Asta.

The best fight in Black Clover clearly has to be from its much-promoted episode 100. Here for the first time, we see Asta and Yuno at their peak join forces to fight someone. Licht is only partially awakened, but being the original owner of Asta’s grimoire, he is skilled with the swords. This is an astronomical level fight where it took the combined efforts of both rivals just to keep up. The fluidity and intensity of this battle are breathtaking as events take place in the blink of an eye. And in the middle, as Asta’s form comes off, Yuno handles Licht on his own as he waits for Asta to regain his strength to deal a combined attack together. To their dismay, this is not enough as Licht wins the fight with ease.

You can watch all the episodes by Black Clover on Crunchyroll.

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