How To Watch Fboy Island Episodes? Streaming Guide

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How to watch Fboy Island?
Three girls, twenty-six guys, one island, one cash prize (Credit: HBO Max)

Dating reality television is always a gamble for any production company —just ask TLC; those yokels make a living out of that, whether its a hit or a flop— but in the case of FBoy Island with Nikki Glaser on HBO Max, the thing flopped after two seasons, only to be resurrected by The CW, who’s not only bringing back the womanizers vs. nice guys back, but it’s putting a cherry on top by making a spinoff called —you guessed it— “Fgirl Island”.

It seems HBO decided to discard many unscripted series as they’re not aligned with their current marketing trajectory, but The CW, who’s realigning its slate of shows, aims to put unscripted television series on its grill for next fall. 

In any case, the premise of FBoy Island is simple, three broads go to a paradisiac tropical island, and a bunch of dudes try to conquer them. Here’s the catch, some are promiscuous serial womanizers, and others like a more stable, monogamous relationship; the one who gets the girl also gets a bag of cash.

Produced by Elan Gale —who brought us “The Bachelor”— comedian and host Nikki Glaser under the brand STXTelevision, the show aims to celebrate the hookup and dating culture under the pageant format at an exotic location that viewers like to watch. So, if you like shows like “Too Hot To Handle”, “Love Is Blind”, “Bachelor In Paradise,” or “Summer House”, you might like to give this one a try. And if you are, we’re more than welcome to give you the coordinates to locate this program. 

How to watch Fboy Island?
The last man standing gets the cash and the girl (Credit: HBO Max)

What Will The Third Season Of Fboy Island Be Like?

With The CW picking up the canceled show from HBO Max after Warner bought Discovery Networks and decided to embark on a budget reorientation scheme, a series of cancellations and renewals of marketable shows, and updating their show grill, the upcoming season of Fboy Island will return on a different network. 

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We could expect the same dynamics from the previous seasons; what’s unusual is that for 2024, The CW will make an “FGirl Island”, with the same concept and different sexes strategies in the same tropical setting where the two previous seasons were filmed, that’s the Cayman Islands, or Cabo San Lucas Mexicothe network hasn’t made public who will host the show, but we could speculate that Nikki Glaser and STXtelevision Productions are behind it.

To expand on is also unusual is that The CW, who’s known for its successful scripted television shows like Riverdale, The Flash, and more, is now going to place its chips on the unscripted, relatively low-budget reality television format. 

FBoy Island Trailer

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Why Did HBO Max Delete FBoy Island Episodes?

The simple answer to this question is HBO Max, but you see, the show was canceled by HBO Max and picked up by The CW, and behind that, there’s the big mergers and acquisitions movement from HBO’s parent company Warner Bros. who went and bought Discovery networks. Out of all that, as it turns out, Fboy Island’s first two seasons are no longer available on HBO Max.

Regional variants of Fboy Island, like Fboy Denmark and Fboy Island Spain, are still available on that platform if you’re interested. But the original one, the one with Nikki Glaser, is no longer there. If you can’t get any of the options we’ll provide below, we recommend the regional take on the show as they are also very entertaining. 

How to watch Fboy Island?
The show’s host and executive producer Nikki Glaser (Credit: HBO Max)

How To Watch FBoy Island?

As for the original FBoy episodes from the first two seasons, they’re not entirely missing from the internet; they just don’t have a home yet because of the corporate shuffle as to who owns what. As such, the show will eventually make its way to The CW along with its upcoming third season. Still, you can stream or buy the previous seasons from other services like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu Fandango, Apple iTunes, YouTube TV, and Google Play.

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All of these services are globally available, but they’re not your regular streaming subscriptions, as you will have to pay about $2 to $3 per episode to enjoy the season. Bringing your total bill to up to $30, significantly a higher price than the average, unlimited access monthly subscription that the same services like Apple TV+, or Prime Video offer in their regular subscription plans. 

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