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Kengan Omega Chapter 168 Release Date: Toward The Conclusion

Kengan Omega Chapter 158
Xia JI vs Narushima Koga Kengan Omega Ch 158

The fighting sequels look extra charming in manga pages, and the love of fans for these types of stories is growing exponentially. There are many manga series that gained huge popularity just because of this type of audience. Kengan Omega is the best example to dictate this trend. With the jaw-dropping action, unparallel storyline, and suspense, Kengan Omega has it all. The story perfectly sheds light on our extremely motivated fighter Koga Narushima and a very mysterious character, Gaoh Ryuki. They together start participating in Kengan matches and this is where the story of being the greatest fighter begins.

Each chapter brings utmost joy and suspense for fans, and there are in total of 163 chapters that have been released worldwide. Chapter 164 is on the edge of getting released and fans are eagerly waiting for the story to proceed further. In this article, we will analyze chapter 167 in detail and discuss everything we know so far regarding chapter 168 of Kengan Omega. We will also talk about the release date and where to read the latest chapter. So make sure to read this article till the end.

Kengan Omega Chapter 167 Review:

Chapter 167 was quite intense and thrilling to read. The fight that started in chapter 166 was still continued in this chapter, and it seems that the battle is still much left and it will definitely lead to unpredicted outcomes. The second match was decided to be held somewhere else other than the stage, and this was quite unexpected. Narushima Koga and Aki Saito are both ready to dive into action, and no one knows in which direction the fight will go. Goah’s fight is still in progress, and she seemed to figure out his opponent’s moves

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega Chapter 168 Release Date & Expectations:

Chapter 168 of Kengan Omega is all set to release on 20 July 2022 worldwide. The next chapter seems to be the conclusive chapter of these battles but actually, no one knows what will happen in the upcoming chapter. It seems that Goah’s fight is very close to the conclusion and there are high chances that we will finally get the winner in the next chapter however we are still not sure about the other fight. Still, these all are just mere speculation. At this point in time, It is difficult to predict the exact spoilers but we will post every update we got so make sure to bookmark this article for future references.

Kengan Omega

Ohma Tokita is back in Kengan Omega

Where To Read Kengan Omega Online?

All the chapters of Kengan Omega are available to read online legally from Comikey. You can read all the chapters here. Few chapters are free of cost but you might have to purchase their membership to enjoy all the chapters. We at Otakukart always support legit websites to read manga and watch anime as this helps creators financially and encourages them to continue doing the good work.

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