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Love Island Season 9 Episode 17 Spoilers: Zara Will Be Going Home After The Recoupling?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17
Zara is going home

There will be a recoupling in Love Island Season 9 Episode 17, where the guys will be choosing the girls. The one that’s left uncoupled will be going home. Taking about the spoilers for Love Island Season 9 Episode 17, the episode will start with the recoupling, and Will probably be the first to choose who he wants to couple up with. And we all know who he would choose, and it’s definitely Jessie. While choosing her, Will says that she deserves more than what she has got until now.

Then it will be Kai’s chance to choose the girl. While choosing the girl, Kai says he has decided to couple up with this girl because “she is beautiful, she has a brilliant personality. Is he talking about Tanyel, because things are quite rough between the two of them. Maybe Kai will choose Samie as we saw he was interested in getting to know Samie more, which was also why things are rough between Kai and Tanyel.

Then Tom will get his chance to choose the girl. I wonder who he would pick. Tom will either pick Ellie or Olivia, more likely Ellie. I doubt that he would pick Zara because of what happened between them in Love Island Season 9 Episode 16. As for who will no be picked and who will be going home, I have two or three names in my mind, but we’ll talk bout that end of the article.

Then we will also be meeting two new bombshells in this episode, Casie and Jordan. Casie says that he is bringing his blue eyes, his cheeky, and what he thinks is his better chat than the other guys in the villa. On the other hand, Jordan said other guys should worry about him.

Love Island Season 9 Previous Episode Recap

Let’s first talk about what happened in the previous episode before going in for Love Island Season 9 Episode 17 Spoilers. Let’s first quickly go through the Tom situation. So at the end of Love Island Season 9 Episode 15, Tom and Ellie share a secret kiss. Tom told Ellie to keep it a secret, but she ended up telling Will about it. Will couldn’t handle this secret, so he told it to Jamie, Shaq, and Tanya. After that, Will and Jessie went on their date.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17

Olivia pulled Tom for an explanation

Anyways, Tanya headed straight up to Zara and told her bout the secret kiss, and they both went on to tell Olivia about it. Olivia got angry and pulled Tom aside for an explanation. Tom said that ‘it was just a kiss”, that it was not a big deal, it didn’t mean anything, and that he and Ellie are just friends. Then Tom has a conversation with Ellie telling her that they have a friendly relationship, according to him and no more than that.

Then comes the bomb with Zara. Zara goes up to Tom, who is in mid-conversation with the boys, and tells him that he has a community pp and that his parents are not proud of him. The next day Tom apologized to Olivia and Ellie but not to Zara.

Three letter Brigade is on a roll with Ron telling Lana that he wants to explore things with Samie. I’m trying to be on Lana’s side even though there are things that she has said and said that I do not agree with, but I want more for her. I don’t want her to like pursue Ron, I don’t want her to keep herself available to this man.

And it’s like you can only do so much at some point if somebody doesn’t want to do it for themselves. So I’m looking at her like this is your last opportunity, if for some reason you allow this man to come back to you after what he did today, I can’t fight for you anymore sis. People do not have sympathy for Lana, because at this point, she knows what Ron’s game plan is, and she still goes along with it.

Ron is putting in work with Samie, which obviously does not sit well with Lana. I don’t know if the producers are being deliberate in showing us Ron and Samie’s conversation that I feel has more depth than most conversations we’ve seen with him and Lana to kind of push the narrative that they have a stronger connection. But the vibe was vibing y’all. It wasn’t like sparks flying or anything crazy, but I could justify them having a connection. I’m so sorry Lana I think you definitely need to shift your attention.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17

Ron exploring with Samie

Aaron is trying to be the Captain Save Them and have a talk with Lana now that her circumstances have changed. Later that evening, I didn’t know what strategy this was for Kai and Ron to come and pick Samie and Tanyel. I mean, why would you pull Samie in front of Tanyel? I guess he’s just trying to show that he’s over it, and he even says it himself.

Thing Going Down Between Kai told Tanyel

Kai told Tanyel, ” Hey, my energy has shifted, ” and she had already clocked it. And she fully intended to let him know, “oh I noticed”. Kai, I know you’re a teacher, but let us teach you a lesson, just because your intention wasn’t to hurt somebody does not invalidate their hurt feelings. I think Tanyel definitely did come with the energy.

But regardless, it was never gonna end well, feeling like somebody was drying away from you and not even being honest enough to come and tell you. It’s hurtful, so I don’t blame her for coming through. I feel for Tanyel, it sucks to feel like the person that you’re into is pulling themselves away and can’t even talk to you about it, maybe like give you some reasoning as to why you feel a shift in energy and that’s annoying.

Kai and Tanyel are here like “you know what yesterday’s Antics have shown me that I’m off it”. That’s okay with me, I didn’t want Kai for Tanyel anyways. Kai was under the illusion that he was the only one who could reign Tanyel in basically.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17

Tanyel and Kai on a rocky side

For some reason, I don’t know why Aaron gets into things where he isn’t wanted. Like in Love Island Season 9 Episode 16, he stepped into an argument with Tanyel, just for speaking for his Mate Tom. Something about Aaron is just meh. I didn’t like him in the Australian season, I don’t like him in this season. 

Aaron just feels that he talks like somebody who’s so self-righteous and all this stuff, and I’m like “you’re a background character at best”. I cannot stand him, I don’t know why he’s still here, and I’m just ready for him to go. Now Let’s talk about the spoilers for Love Island Season 9 Episode 17.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17 Spoilers & Release Date

First of all, Episode 17 of Love Island Season 9 will release on 1st February 2023 on ITV2. At the end of Love Island Season 9 Episode 16, The Villa gets a text saying that there is a recoupling and the lady who is not picked is going to be dumped.

If I’m doing the math right, I feel like Zara and Lana are likely to be the ones dumped from The Villa, it’s probably going to be Zara though. Especially because of the way that they keep showing Lana’s face, I’m like “we know she’s not going home”, it’s likely going to be Zara.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17

Casie and Jordan

Samie’s not going home, Liv’s not going home, Tanya’s not going home, and Tanyel is not going home, so it’s Zara. Sad to see her go, but during your time, you did what you had to do, you were a bombshell that was bomb shelling, and I commend you. I hope all the best for you outside the Villa. There is a possibility that Tanyel could also go home because she had kind of ended things with Kai, and there isn’t anyone who she has a connection with. And also, as I mentioned, we will meet our new bombshells, Casie and Jordan.

Where To Watch Love Island Season 9 Episode 17 & Release Time

Love Island Season 9 Episode 17 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. The release timings for episode 17 for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Wednesday, 1 February 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) on Wednesday, 1 February 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (India) on Thursday, 2 February 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Thursday, 2 February 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Thursday, 2 February 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Thursday, 2 February 2023

You can watch episode 17 on ITV2 and stream it on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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