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Choco Milk Shake Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Steaming Guide

Choco Milk Shake Episode 8 recap
Choco Milk Shake Episode 9: Release Date,

Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 release date is here, and we are here to disclose all the details fans must know before bingeing the next episode. The readers should know here about this new boys’ love story before revealing the Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 release date and how to watch Choco Milk Shake online.

Jang-wu, a lonely person who lives alone, crosses the rainbow bridge and reincarnates as a human before embarking on a love quest with his dog and cat. One day, two odd men they had never seen before burst into the house. They are a dog named “Choco” and a cat named “Milk,” who were nurtured from infancy to high school before being destroyed in an accident.

The two men’s claim that they are chocolate and Milk embarrasses Jung-woo, but Jung-woo acknowledges that they are similar to chocolate and Milk and that he lives with them. Jung-woo never gets bored since he spends his days buying and selling Milk and chocolate.

But chocolate and Milk help her see that she is cherished and may find happiness with someone, which helps her see true love. While Jung-woo works at the chicken restaurant owned by her maternal uncle, Choco and Milk frequently visit the establishment to follow Jung-woo.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 8 recap

A scene from Choco Milk Shake.

Word of mouth travels about the attractive Milk and chocolate, and soon the chicken eatery is packed with patrons. His maternal uncle keeps a watch on Milk, who is stylish, likes sunlight, and grows increasingly concerned. Chocolate and Milk start the side job, and chicken sells extremely well.

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Choco Milk Shake Recap

We can see that the first episode allows us to get to know two strange men. She crashed through the doors one day. They identified as Milk, Jungwoo’s pet cat, and “Choco,” his pet dog in his younger years. Jungwoo becomes insane as Milk and Choco accompany him everywhere.

One day, two odd men burst through the doors. They identify themselves as “Milk,” Jungwoo’s childhood cat, and “Choco,” his childhood pet dogs. These strange and attractive men need Jungwoo’s trust. Because Milk and Choco follow him everywhere, Jungwoo goes mad.

When Choco and Milk finally arrived at Jungwoo’s job, the latter became instantly curious as to why Milk and Coco had returned in the form of people. The memories Jungwoo wished to forget are resurfacing as he adjusts to his new life with Choco and Milk back in his life.

His uncle is also pleased with the cafe and Jungwoo’s youthful appearance. On the other hand, Choco and Milk appear to be hiding something. Because Jungwoo is ill, Choco and Milk are concerned. They decided to hire him for part-time work or housecleaning. Choco made Jungwoo’s meals, and Milk began working with Jungwoo’s uncle in the cafe.

Jungwoo will leave after a while. Choco wants to go with him because he is on a blind date. Finally, something unexpected occurs to Jungwoo, who’d been returning home out of concern for Choco and Milk. For some reason, Milk keeps looking at Choco, while Choco only has eyes for Jungwoo.

Additionally, Choco is ignored by Jungwoo. Jungwoo’s uncle notices a weird vibe and makes an effort to change it by blaming the inventory audit of the cafe. Choco, who has been waiting by herself on a swing while waiting for Jungwoo to return, finally goes home with Jungwoo.

Milk went to Jungwoo’s uncle’s cafe and asked them to give him a beer after work, leaving Choco behind. Milk is concerned that his previous night’s intoxication may have caused him to make a mistake with his boss, while Choco is concerned about leaving Jungwoo.

In the meantime, Jungwoo reunited with his ex-boyfriend after a long absence. Reminiscing, they went on a date by the Han River.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 release date

Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 release date is Tuesday, November 29, 2022. The Choco Milk Shake episode will get uploaded worldwide on YouTube at nearly 6:00 pm KST. This drama will air every Tuesday & Thursday. Fans can stream the show at the following times outside of Korea

Pacific Time: 2 am PT, November 29
Central Time: 4 am CT, November 29
Eastern Daylight Time: 5 am ET, November 29 
British Summer Time: 10 am BST, November 29 
Europe Time: 11 am CEST, November 29
Indian Standard Time: 2.30 pm IST, November 29 
Philippines Standard Time: 5 pm PHT, November 29 
Japanese Standard Time: 6 pm JST, November 29
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 6.30 pm ACST, November 29 
Singapore Standard Time: 5 pm, November 29

Choco Milk Shake episode 9: How To Watch

Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 will be uploaded by Strongbrry’s YouTube channel at the date and times mentioned earlier. Fans can check the dates and times listed here to avoid missing Choco Milk Shake Episode 9 when it comes out in their respective nations.

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