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Between Us Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Between Us Episode 3 recap
Between Us Episode 4: Release Date

The release date for Between Us episode 4 is here, and we will reveal everything we know about the season. Here is a recap of the latest episode of Between Us before diving into the Between Us episode 4 release date and its streaming details. “Team” gets introduced to his trainee water polo friends A, Sea, and Bee at the ground after they meet him to confirm their registration for the swim club.

“Win” is calming his pal Wan at the counter when the Dean & Pruek interfere in the conversation. Juniors reach the location & begin filling out the forms for the club. Pruek is intrigued to know whether Win has ever liked a person at first glance. And Dean exits along with Win & Pruek and goes to the registration desk.

Win steals glances at Team, and Pruek tries to approach the swim team desk quickly. The recruits of this swimming club will be asked to undertake a selection test. “Team” is expected to do exceptionally on the test as he is an ace student in swimming.

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Between Us Recap

Win also hears this & informs the Team that the selection test will be extremely difficult for the new trainees, irrespective of whether they are here on the basis of their scholarships or not. “Team” joins his buddies Pharm and Manow for lunch after the juniors have left. Because of Win’s threat, he is concerned that he won’t be allowed to join the Team.

Between Us Episode 3 recap

Guntachai as Win.

His friends assure him that nothing will go wrong. They offer their help to him whenever he goes for his tryouts. Later that day, Win reaches the flat’s elevator and is shocked to learn that Team is also living in that flat. “Win” calls Wan and is seen lamenting how sad it is as Wiew is continuously playing games on the cell phone.

The win comes up to Team, and he is shocked to see that Team is consoling Pharm, who is distraught and sobbing as a result of his memories. When the swimming team gets to the resort, Tul runs into the three seniors. Several of the junior team members’ training drills require assistance from the Team. After practice, the juniors take a plunge into the ocean alongside “A, “Sea, “Bee,” and members of the Sea Force Team.

The incident causes The Team to cut his sole slightly. Win notices this as he calmly handles the situation and joins the “Team” as well as the group, asking A, Sea, and Bee to search for first aid. The group won’t let Win inspect his wounds. Win jokingly claims that he will have little leverage during the training sessions because the cut was not as severe.

The Team claims he will be able to run all around the resort in no time, which angers Win. He leaves the group to attend to the wound alone. Later that evening, the seniors have a discussion regarding Dean’s constant feeling of being lost.

Between Us Episode 3 recap

Guntachai plays the role of Win in the show.

Win, according to Dean, never allows things to matter to him. Win asserts that everything in his life is temporary, but Dean counters that he cannot live this way. “Win” is urged by Dean to join the juniors. Win observes Team A barbecuing meat with Bee and Sea for dinner. Sea leads the other two into a room while claiming to have obtained the most recent pornographic film leak.

When the Team begins to feel uneasy, the four friends watch the Obscene film together. The Team requests that Bee hand him the key to their bedroom after noticing he has an erection. As the group makes fun of him, he runs outdoors. Warut as Team.

Win locates Team and makes an effort to approach Team, who is confused. Finally, Win accepts Team, but the latter departs. Win suggests that Team accompany him to his room if he cannot handle his situation alone. Win leads the group obediently to the seniors’ chamber. The two share a kiss after Team gives his permission.

Between Us Episode 4 Release Date

Between Us, episode 4 release date is Sunday, November 27, 2022. Between Us, episode 4 will stream on Youtube in America at 11:45 pm. International viewers can watch Between Us Episode 4 at 4, 10:15 am IST (November 28),:45 am BST (November 28), and 1:45 pm AEDT (November 28).

Between Us Episode 4: How To Watch

Between Us, episodes will stream on Youtube at the dates and times listed above. Fans will need to check the time mentioned here with their nations’ time so as not to miss the new episodes when they air in their countries.

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