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Vhaegar: The Biggest Dragon In House of the Dragon is Stolen

Vhaegar is the biggest dragon in House of the Dragon and here is what fans think about the same. It is honestly so exciting to be a part of the series that has dragons, I mean Back in Episode 6, we saw that Lady Laena, the rider of Vhager is playing around with Prince Daemon and his dragon Caraxes. Vhaeger made a huge cloud of fire for them to come across. The dragon flesh is made of fire and thus, it can not harm them.

As for the Targaryen riding the same, fire can not kill a dragon as we were constantly reminded back in Game of Thrones with Daenerys. Lady Laena is also proud of her ride and she also boasted to her daughters whose dragon eggs have not hatched yet. She talked about how she did not have a dragon until she was 15 years old and that her child should wait a little longer for the same. Laena is a Velaryon and a Targaryen both of whom are the blood of old Valyria.

Now, coming back to the House of Dragons, we were visited by nearly three dragons in the episode. The first little one belonged to Jacaerys, the firstborn son of Princess Rhaenyra. He is trying to train his dragon while also using the tongue of Old Valyria. He asks his dragon Vermax to kill the goat by saying Dracarys. The dragon soon heeds to his commands and roasts the goat alive and eats it. The instructor in Valerian teaches Jace that he will have to really connect with his Dragon so as to make them only listen to him.

Vhaegar: The Biggest Dragon In House of the Dragon is Stolen

A still of Laena and Vhaegar

Did Vhaegar Flee or is Stolen?

Coming back to Vhaeger, he made a grand entrance, and fans were already waiting for him to join the show. He, along with Caraxes, was goofing around and playing in the air as the people of Pentos watched. There is a whole new variety of dragons in the series which will soon cover the Targaryen civil war called House of the Dragons.

Daemon rides Caraxes, Rhaenyra’s dragon is named Syrax. Then we have Laenor Velaryon who rides Seasmoke. Last but not the least, Rhaenys Targaryen rides Meleys and Jace will ride Vermax soon as the dragon grows up. Vhargar did make a huge entrance in the episode and we are excited to see his part in the later wars to come.

Although, House of the Dragon Episode 7 trailer suggests that Vhaeger will be stolen from the Targaryen household at Daemons. It is not known who would have done such a deed or whether Vhaeger himself flee away. I mean, at the end of Game of Thrones, we saw that Drogon, who was the Dragon of Daenerys, took her body and flew away. After Laena’s death, this might be the same case with Vhaegar.

Did Larys Orchestrate Vhaegars Abduction?

Also, we saw how hesitant he was to kill Laena. She had to say Dracarys multiple times before he even drew fire in his breath. His eyes also got watery and it was obvious that he had a huge connection with her. Now that there is a drama revolving around a dragon which is stolen or lost, we fan expect much more from the series.

If you ask me, my main guess is that Aemond Targaryen has stolen him. He was already so upset about not having a dragon that this might feel like the right opportunity for him. But again, he is just a kid, and how would he steal such a huge dragon? I mean he wouldn’t, but Ser Larys Strong would be more than happy to oblige the request. We will just have to wait for the 2nd of October to see the new episode of House of the Dragon and make out what actually went down.

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