Iron man 4 release date

After the incredible success of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Marvel is gearing up for two important standalone, Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok, before it releases the much anticipated movie Avengers: Infinity War. And while we wait for the franchise to sweep us off our feet yet again, we can’t help but look back at the last decade and the re-emerging of the franchise as an undisputed winner at the Hollywood Box Office.

And pivotal to this change in MCU’s success have been the witty, novel and critically acclaimed Iron Man movies starring one of the best actors the industry has seen, Robert Downey Jr., With great direction from Jon Favreau and Shane Black, and plot lines that steered clear of repetitive, clichéd tropes, the three Iron Man films were well deserving of the tremendous success they achieved at the box office.

Why Iron Man 4 Won’t Be Happening

Iron man 4 release date

It is no surprise that a huge chunk of the fans are very enthused about the idea of a fourth Iron Man movie. However, about a year ago, while promoting his film The Judge, Robert Downey Jr., confirmed that there isn’t another Iron Man movie in the pipeline. While this might leave a few of us disappointed, this is why it’s not such a bad thing!

The Marvel franchise has done pretty well for itself in the past couple of years, what with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, without leaning on the crutch of Iron Man movies. While the franchise is moving through the films in its Phase Three, the studio is dealing with many new franchises like Doctor Strange and the new Spider-Man. There doesn’t seem to be a spot left for Iron Man films on the Marvel’s “to-do” list in the near future. And after the astounding pay check RDJ received for the Iron Man 3 film, Marvel isn’t rushing to have him on for another stand-alone either.

From the perspective of the plot, stopping the Iron Man movies here would be the smartest thing the studio can do right now. In the last movie, Iron Man received a proper closure with regard to his story. He had defeated his worst enemy yet in The Mandarin, he had managed to keep his loving girlfriend by his side along all of that. He’d initiated the protocol Clean Slate, and destroyed all the Iron Man suits he’d made till date. AND he’d had the shrapnel removed from his chest cavity—the very same shrapnel that made the suit an integral part of Tony Stark’s life. He’d, in all respects, severed his connection to the suits and being Iron Man. And even though he can always make new ones and use them, as we’ve seen in Civil War, he doesn’t depend on it the way he once used to. To drag the story further out from this point would only end up tainting the amazing image that these movies have maintained in the franchise so far. You’ve got to spit out the gum at some point; you can’t keep chewing it forever.

Despite everything, we can definitely say that RDJ will remain the face of the Marvel franchise for a little longer. He won’t be deserting us completely either, as he’s expressed no opposition to put the suit on again for an appearance here and there in the other Marvel films. But it’s also safe to say that the story of Iron Man has come to an end, in a way.


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