who can beat Thanos

Infinity War is on its way. It seems it’s nearly impossible to beat Thanos. Since he has 5 infinity stones and can do whatever he wants. But do you know there are some characters Who can defeat Thanos! And some of them are from infinity wars, explore some of the greatest and most powerful comic characters for whom it’s a piece of cake to defeat Thanos.

Who can beat Thanos

8 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Thanos

1) Jean Grey

We all know very well about “Jean Grey” the ex-girlfriend of Logan. We all know that she is the strongest Mutant of X-Men. No one can match her powers, not even the Magneto.

Jean Grey Vs Thanos

She is a powerful character in her own right, but when combined with the Phoenix Force, her powers are awesome and nearly unmatched. The Phoenix Force is an amazing entity that is a representation of the universal life force. As a hungry Phoenix, the being flew to a galaxy and simply devoured an entire star, which also killed billions of people in the vicinity of the star. The Phoenix Force Entity can destroy and regrow the existence of the universe itself, as well as control the powers of life and death. It can make intergalactic flights through hyperspace and bend the universe onto itself to form black holes. So definitely she can defeat Thanos.

Jean Grey Vs Thanos

2) Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer has “the power cosmic”, which lets him alter the fabric and energy of the universe. Through this power, he has incalculable levels of strength that rival even the most powerful of characters. The Silver Surfer is nearly indestructible and impervious to almost all attacks. He also has the power to detect entities light years away, making it difficult for sneak attacks. His detection abilities even let him see through time and into the future. He can move beyond the speed of light. He can survive inside the Black Hole. In comics, some how Silver Surfer had defeated Thanos and Thanos had defeated Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer vs Thanos

3) Galactus

Ever heard the name of Galactus?? Maybe he is the toughest and strongest Marvel character. He gave the power to Silver Surfer who is already on our list to defeat Thanos. Galactus is the sole survivor of the Big Bang and is invulnerable to just about everything. He is a walking Nuclear reactor who can convert Mass into energy( E=MC^2). He eats planets and weights about 18.2 tons !!! Isn’t it too much. He has defeated Thanos several times.

Galactus  vs Thanos

4) Odin

Surprised ?? okay it’s not surprising at all. Odin the God of wisdom, it’s actually very very easy for him to kick Thanos butt without any special effort he just needs a reason for this. In Comics he had defeated Thanos and Silver Surfer without breaking a sweat. The greatest power which he has ie, his vast knowledge, of course, he is God of Wisdom. Besides that, he has the Odin Force. This power lets him do amazing things like transport an entire alien race to another dimension, read minds in other galaxies, and stop time or travel through it.

Odin  vs Thanos

5) The Incredible Hulk

Surprised?? Hulk has beaten Thanos in comics several times. And it’s also mentioned that Hulk is one of the few characters from he actively avoids the conflicts. Hulk’s survivability is nearly unmatched. He is impervious to nuclear threats, energy blasts, and extreme temperatures exceeding one million degrees Fahrenheit! The Hulk’s potential to beat Thanos lies in his unbelievable strength. Hulk’s strength is beyond measure and can scale infinitely with his rage. But Hulk defeating Thanos directly depends upon how angry he is.

Hulk  vs Thanos

6) Squirrel Girl

Anyone who reads The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl knows that not only does she have superpowers (including super strength, super agility, claws, tail, knuckle spikes, ability to command a literal army of squirrels, ability to communicate with said squirrels, and some measure of invulnerability), she is also extremely intelligent (a computer science major who keeps up with her studies in addition to super heroics), pretty much angst-free (so not handicapped by her own emotions like so many superheroes) and, most importantly, she is allowed to have common sense.

Common sense is something most superheroes and super villains lack. She defeated Doc Doom twice by a combination of superpowers, intelligence, and sense. Take any one of those qualities, especially sense, out of the equation, and you have a bog standard superhero or super villain who does typically dumb things to advance the plot. She is one of the few who is allowed to use all those positive talents in the same altercation. If she can talk ’em down, she does. If deliberately losing the battle means winning the war, well, she’s done that, too. Usually she just has creative strategies combined with intelligence, powers, and sense. Therefore she can defeat him.

Squirrel Girl vs Thanos

7) Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange is an extremely powerful character, with strong magic abilities. He can almost neutralize the effects of a few of the Infinity Stones such as the Time, Soul, and Mind gems. He can also transform matter, create illusions, teleport, and produce powerful energy blasts, which will prove more than a match for Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet or not. Doctor Strange also has the ability to channel the power of the gods.

Doctor Strange vs Thanos

8) Iron Man with Suit Mach 42


The Mark 42 (XLII), also known as the Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit was the forty second armor, as well as one of the many newly built suits, created by Tony Stark sometime after the events of The Avengers. It has a Vibranium arc reactor and gold in the uni body.

It has tactical weaponry, remote command, and also self repair functions because of it’s built in repair system, It’s lightweight and best till yet when combined with Veronica Armor. This suit is a must for Iron man if he wants to defeat Thanos or incapacitate him.

Iron Man Vs Thanos



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