Dragon Ball Super Episode 130-131 Spoilers- Goku Eliminated?


Guys we just got major major Dragon Ball Super spoilers for the final 2 episodes, and its mind blowing stuff! Huge Spoiler Alert! Spoiler alert for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130-131!

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These translations are done by KenXyro, let’s get right to it!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Title- The Greatest Showdown Of All Times! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!

1 Minute 30 Seconds Remain In The Tournament of Power. In The Fight Son Goku Was Better Than Jiren. Then, Jiren collects his thoughts and finally gets serious. Covered in red aura, Jiren dashes towards Goku and fires a ki-blast at him from point-blank range. Son Goku is blown away in a flashy scene. In the audience seat, Krillin and Master Roshi are worried, But..Image result for mastered ultra instinct goku

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131- A Miraculous Conclusion! Goodbye Goku! Until the day we meet again!

Son Goku falls from the stage. It seems Universe 7 has lost and everyone will get erased. When Goku who broke past his limits, looks at Zeno at the same time as Jiren, it appears that the game isn’t over yet. And then, a Death Beam hits Jiren’s back. A worn out Member of Universe 7 shows himself!

Hell Yeah Guys! Get ready for mindfu*k! What an epic twist!

Oh my god! Even Mastered Ultra Instinct won’t be enough to take down Jiren! Almost no one thought Goku would get eliminated, and Frieza will be U7’s last hope! Hope is a strong word though, he is the emperor of evil! Image result for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview

Not even sure who you should be rooting for as Frieza winning could lead to even dire consequences. Guys, just when most of us were convinced that we will be getting a dull, predictable ending with Goku overcoming all odds, winning the tournament, wishing all the Universes back just like that we get this spoiler, that changes every freaking thing.

Waiting is now twice as hard, oh god, why did we even get this?!

I totally love it, absolutely needed something unique like this!

Guys, what do you think is going to happen? If Frieza wins, If Frieza gets the Super Dragon Balls, I can only see him making selfish wishes. Like himself becoming The Great Priest or making Zenos his bitches or some crazy shit like that!Image result for Frieza Dragon Ball Super

Actually, actually I think Jiren will win despite getting hit off guard, and I don’t know why I have a feeling that Jiren will do something good. Like he has been influenced by the warriors of U7, I think he will have a change of heart, and after winning the tournament he won’t make his selfish wish but wish back all the Universes!

Anyways, I would be totally down to see Frieza winning too, as that would be an even more interesting scenario, but in that case, will Dragon Ball Super really end this run with an epic cliff hanger? If they did that it would be amazing because that would confirm continuation of the story a 100%, but I don’t think that will happen!
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Guys, what really matters, whatever happens, this is good news, be hyped! Because they are not wrapping it up by 130 and having a relaxing last episode, but the thrill will carry on till the very last minute of this show!

Oh gosh! Can you imagine that! Mastered Ultra Instinct was like the no.1 hyped shit in forever, all Gods Stood up to pay respect, and God Damn Jiren The Grey overpowers that! Insane bro! That is totally Insane!

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