Something Unbelievable Just Happened In The Latest One Piece Chapter


Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the last One Piece Chapter, which dropped a couple of hours ago. If you haven’t checked that already, please do so. I don’t want to spoil those who don’t want to be spoiled. So, you can leave the post here. But, if you’ve read the chapter already, or spoilers don’t affect you, let’s get started.

Chapter 893 of One Piece is probably the best One Piece Chapter we’ve got in a while, and I can go as far as to say that this one is the best in Whole Cake Island so far. The chapter was completely focused on Luffy vs Katakuri. We picked up right where we left off last week, with Luffy Gettysburg pierced by Katakuri’s Mogura. He was in a lot of pain, when Katakuri launched an assault of attacks on him.

It looks like Katakuri was actually pissed that Luffy wasn’t able to dodge the attack he threw earlier, and he had begun to acknowledge him as a worthy opponent slowly. But, somehow he had lost respect for Luffy, because he had disappointed him. Luffy got up again, and this is where Flampe tried to hit him again with her silent needle.

Katakuri noticed this time, and he realized that the reason why Luffy failed to dodge was because Flampe interfered. Because it had inflicted a wound on his pride, attacking Luffy when he was weak, Katakuri evened things out by piercing his own stomach with Mogura, at the same spot where Luffy was hurt. He then went on to apologize to Luffy for not noticing the needle earlier.

Everyone around the two were knocked out, and the fight continues. I really don’t know what to say. I think this chapter was phenomenal. We got to see what Katakuri is really like. He also ripped his scarf off, and he has finals accepted himself for what he is. Katakuri doesn’t care about maintaining the perfect image anymore, because now he can finally be himself.

That’s not all. We also got a flashback towards how everyone was scared of him back when he was a kid, because of his ripped mouth. But seems like that’s not something to be worried about anymore. Katakuri is truly amazing, and he has shown us what a manly man he is. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the fight unfolds. However, I do believe that it’ll end in a draw.


The Previous Owner Of Gomu Gomu no Mi – Explained

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits that exist in the world of One Piece. They are said to exist mainly in the Grand Line, and whoever eats them gets powers that are supernatural. These Devil Fruits are very rare, and not everyone is lucky enough to come across one of these things. The concept of Devil Fruits is what One Piece was based on earlier.

One of the most peculiar Devil Fruits that we’ve ever seen in the series in the Gomu Gomu no Mi itself. The Gomu Gomu no Mi is the very first Devil Fruit that was introduced to us in One Piece. It was during Luffy’s childhood, during the Romance Dawn Arc that we were able to see the very first Devil Fruit, and that was indeed the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Shanks had brought this Devil Fruit, and kept it safe for some reason.

Unbeknownst to him, Luffy had mistaken this fruit for supper, and eaten it without asking anyone, and because of that, he was granted the superior powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. His body had turned into rubber, and while that doesn’t sound like a great ability, it really is awesome of your creative like Luffy. One of the biggest questions regarding this Devil is who its previous owner was.

Whenever this question is asked, the answer that most people come up with is Gol D. Roger. However, that’s not what I think. I don’t believe Roger had the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Instead, it was someone closely related to him, and that person is Portgas D. Rouge. Rouge was the lover of Gol D. Roger, and the mother of Portgas D. Ace.


A surprising thing about her was that she was able to hold Ace in her womb for 20 months! This is a staggering amount of time. She was pregnant with Ace about 5 months before Roger was executed, and she managed to hold him in her womb for 15 more months after Roger died. How was this possible?

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