10 Extreme 18+ Anime To Watch For Grown Up Anime Fans


Some anime are just too much for everyone to handle and to be sharing the time slots with the more kid friendly titles like Doraemon, Chibi Maruko Chan And Shinchan. The Japanese website, MyNavi had a poll on which of these 18+ anime deserves their time slots the most.

The poll ended and we came up with these top 10 extreme anime that only allowed to air at late night, probably after 10:00 PM.

Let’s begin without any further delay.

10. Freezing

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Freezing is a great magical girl and harem anime.

Basically, in the anime, the government does some research and creates genetically modified girls in the anime who can use Stigmata to become super-human fighters.

9. Ladies Versus Butlers!

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Akiharu Hino was adopted by his uncle after he lost his parents, not to be burden, he entered Hakureiryou High School, it’s a free boarding school where students are trained to be butlers.

Unfortunately, his criminal like appearance keeps most of the ladies at the limit. He is mistaken as a pervert.

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