Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Spoilers- “Team Gohan-Frieza”


Just when we thought we’d already seen all the spoilers from the next episodes, we get a batch of new ones.

These newly released spoilers are from episode 124, which will air next weekend, on 20th January. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into it:


Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 is titled: A stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!

It says: Gohan’s in big trouble! What’s his comeback strategy?!

Gohan Supports Frieza in his fierce battle against Universe 11’s Dyspo. Gohan and Frieza have a hard time against Dyspo’s lightning-fast movement?!

Now, from the looks of it, Gohan finds himself in big trouble in the beginning of the episode. I think this could be linked to what happens in the end episode 123. If you’ve seen the spoilers, you already know that in episode 123, Gohan had the chance to eliminate Toppo along with 17 but he refused, He probably thinks 17 is too valuable to his team and he also may have a strategy of his own to beat Toppo. So, I think that hesitation to eliminate Toppo when he got the first chance is what gets Gohan into trouble.

The summary of the episode doesn’t say anything about 17 or Toppo, but I don’t think either of them will be eliminated. We already know from the spoilers that Toppo is going to be in the tournament at least till the 125th episode. But I also don’t think 17 is going to be eliminated just yet either. I mean we know Gohan didn’t take the chance to eliminate Toppo along with 17. So he must have some sort of a strategy that involves 17 in the future. And, as we haven’t seen the plan being executed yet, I think 17 will be spared in this episode.

He might be hurt and badly damaged, but I just don’t think he’ll get eliminated. But, perhaps, there’s a possibility that Toppo will eliminate 17 when Gohan doesn’t eliminate both of them, and may be fighting Toppo on his own is what will get him in trouble. Whether he gets eliminated or not exactly by episode 125, most information hints that he will be the next to go from Universe 7, and I’m also betting on that.

However, the next part of the summary is what peaks my interest. Frieza has been fighting and struggling against Dyspo since episode 122. And in episode 124, Gohan seems to think Frieza’s in big trouble and requires his help. Now, this part right here, is what intrigues me in so many levels. I mean, Yes, Frieza kind of got smacked around by Dyspo in episode 122. But he wasn’t even in his True Golden Form, and it didn’t even look like he was fully powered up in his current form. So, to think Frieza would still be in trouble against Dyspo in episode 124 and to such an extent that he’ll accept help from Gohan, really surprises me.

What baffles me even further, is the very last sentence from the spoilers. It says “Gohan and Frieza have a hard time against Dyspo’s Lightning-Fast movement.’ What the hell is going on here people?

I mean, we know dyspo is probably the fastest dude out there, behind may be just Jiren. So, it is possible that his fast paced attacks got Frieza in the back foot and won’t allow him to power up or transform. But they’re saying Gohan and Frieza work together against Dyspo in this episode and even then they’re having a hard time. That is something I can’t really wrap my head around.

So, I don’t think Dyspo’s domination will last very long at all after Gohan and Frieza team up in 124. Gohan and Frieza will probably figure Dyspo’s movements out and the duo will proceed to beat the fast fighter to a pulp. Think about it. It has already been mentioned in the arc that Dyspo’s movements might be fast, but they’re predictable and too linear. If I were to bet I would certainly say Dyspo would be the next to go from U11 leaving Jiren and Toppo as the final duo, and do you really think 2 fighting geniuses like Frieza and Gohan will take too long to figure him out? NO!

So, I think that Gohan and Frieza will in fact start dominating Dyspo and just when they’re about to throw him off, that’s when Frieza will offer Dyspo the deal to cooperate with Universe 11, and it’s not a mere speculation. From an earlier batch of Episode 123-126 spoilers that has already been covered by The Fan Guy here on this channel we already know Frieza will offer to join Universe 11 if they promise to wish him back using The Super Dragon Balls. For us the fans that’s the biggest thing to look forward to for now.


Whether he will actually betray universe 7 or if Universe 11 will accept his offer can only be confirmed by the coming episodes, and the speculative part is a discussion for another video.

So, Guys, what do you think about this? Comment your opinion and predictions about the upcoming episode down below!



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