Episodes 120 to 122 HUGE SPOILERS


With Universe 2 & 6 gone the tournament of Power has entered its last stage, today we have the titles of episodes 120 to 122 and the synopsis of the first two so, as the last warning SPOILERS coming ahead.

Episode 120 title: “A perfect surviving strategy!! Universe 3’s threatening Assassins!”

Synopsis: “Universe 3 warriors confront Goku. Goku and team fight the transformed merged glowing warriors. With Gohan’s Help, breaking through the Barrier with a Kamehameha wave the merged warrior is inflamed, it seels they won, but…”


Episode 121 title: “All-out war! The Ultimate 4-way Combination vs Universe 7’s total Offensive”

Synopsis: “Paparoni shouts that he will show them Universe 4’s Ultimate secret technique, and an intense Flash envelops his surroundings. Goku Gohan Vegeta and the others use their hands to shield themselves from the intense light. When the light dies down and their visions return, they see the Gigantic form of Aniraza…”



Disappointed?! check Episode 122’s Title


Episode 122 title: “Betting his Pride! Vegeta’s Challenge to the strongest!”


The irony is that this episode will have YUYA TAKAHASHI as Anime Supervisor.Thanks to Ken Xyro, GovetaXV and Hermz98 on twitter for bringing and translating the Spoilers for us.


Top 10 Most Epic Dragon Ball Z Fights Ever

Dragon Ball Z a series with hell amazing fights, As Dragon Ball Super continues, we’ve seen some pretty intense fights in the series. But for any anime fan from the ‘90s, it’s the fights of Dragon Ball Z that come to mind when thinking about big confrontations. During its nearly 300 episodes, DBZ just kept upping the ante with more and more powerful villains who went from blowing craters on the ground to blowing up planets.The main appeal of Dragon Ball Z was always the fights, so the show had a ton of them. It seemed like the heroes scarcely did anything other than eat, train, and scream as they gained yet another power boost.So these are my most favorite fights.


Top 10 Most Epic Dragon Ball Z Fights Ever


10)Earth’s Fighters vs Frieza’s Army

Let’s just start with one of the most recent fights. The most recent DBZ movie Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F. This is how Dragon ball came back to life. This movie has a lot of fight sequence between Frieza’s  and its army against the defenders of Earth. Since these warriors are often left out of the spotlight, and their power simply level doesn’t compete with that of Saiyan Prince and his beloved friend Goku. But during Resurrection F we got to see Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi and others fighting head to head against Frieza’s henchmen. This is what makes the fight scene intense.


9)Vegeta vs Android 19

Image result for Vegeta vs Android 19

It is when the Androids first appear. At the beginning, they seem to be a force that cannot be stopped. They couldn’t be tracked and had the ability to suck power out the people. Even Goku couldn’t stand against them. However, everything changes when Vegeta finally appears, and surprises everyone by going Super Saiyan for the first time. He promptly demolishes Android 19, who simply can’t compete with the power of a Super Saiyan. It’s Vegeta’s nature that truly makes it a must watch fight . Vegeta actually toys with Android 19, trying to scare it and demoralize it, knowing that the Android simply doesn’t stand a chance. It’s a basically a good reminder to all the fans that Vegeta was at one point the villain of the series, and still had a long way to go before he would be considered a hero.


8)Vegeta vs. Semi-Perfect Cell

Image result for Vegeta vs. Semi-Perfect Cell

Vegeta’s face-off against Cell is one of Vegeta’s most memorable moments.  It is when we finally get to see Cell receive some much-deserved punishment at the hands of the show’s most badass character. While Vegeta with his absolute most confident and cocky attitude, this just makes his superiority which is much more than satisfying. Cell manipulating Vegeta into helping him proves that cockiness really is the ultimate chink in Vegeta’s armor, and Vegeta’s subsequent beating at the hands of Perfect Cell is one worth watching the battle.





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