All You Should Know About Snowy Weather


With weather conditions still being looked into, we will go over what will happen during the time it’s snowing. It’s not certain if this condition will linger around during the cold seasons and while there is snow on the ground. Or if it will only show up in the game wherever it may be snowing. This new feature will be a great way for trainers to catch Pokemon of different biomes. Helping them complete their Pokedex.

Not every place in the world sees snow, so, hopefully, it will be snowy in Pokemon GO during the cold seasons of the year. It’s possible that if it rains in areas during winter it could trigger this weather effect in the game.

The Legendary Golems by Ry-Spirit on Deviantart

As far as we know, however, the Pokemon and moves that will have increased spawns and effects are Ice and steel type Pokemon. There aren’t very many Ice and steel type Pokemon in the game at the moment. Once generation 3 is fully released, there will be a few more added. For the most part, though, these two typings don’t have many Pokemon.

Steel type Pokemon

Ice type Pokemon will have increased spawn while it is snowing in Pokemon GO. This means if you haven’t had a catch to catch a Lapras. Your chances should increase if it is snowing in Pokemon GO. While most ice type Pokemon are also water type, rainy weather will also affect most Ice-type Pokemon.

Generation 1


Generation 2

Swinub, Poliswine

Generation 3

Snorunt, Glalie
Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein

Steel-type Pokemon, on the other hand, will only be affected by snowy weather. This means your chances of getting that Skarmory you’ve longed for might only be a yearly encounter. Some of the other steel type Pokemon in the game so far require evolution items to evolve. As of right now, Pokemon that take evolution items is not able to be encountered in the wild.

Generation 1

Magnemite, Magneton

Generation 2


Generation 3

Aron, Lairon, Aggron
Beldum, Metang, Metagross

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