Why Piccolo Will Get A New Ability In The Tournament of Power


Piccolo is one of the characters from Universe 7 team who has taken part in the Tournament of Power. He is a Namekian, who is very strong, and even though he might not be as strong as, say Goku or Vegeta, he’s still useful in his own way. Back in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo was considered to be very powerful.

After fusing with Kami, he even took Cell on in his imperfect form, and his strength surpassed that of a Super Saiyan. Right now, Piccolo is far beyond that level, and he has grown very strong. He is one character who achieves new level by concentrating and meditation.

So far, in Dragon Ball Super, we haven’t really seen Piccolo get his moment. Sure, he has been involved in many arcs, but he hasn’t really played a major role. Now, the very Universe he belongs to faces the threat of erasure. I think Piccolo realizes that more than the rest, and that’s why he has to be stronger than ever before.

Piccolo has trained with Gohan for the Tournament of Power, and as Gohan was able to get his Mystic form back, I think Piccolo grew stronger as well. But, will Piccolo get some new ability in the Tournament of Power? In my opinion, he should.

I think the Namekians from Universe 6 will open the door of that possibility. We don’t know how strong they are, or what they’re capable of, but being in the Tournament of Power means they’re one of the best from the Universe, and they’re very powerful. To have Piccolo not face them would be such a waste.

I think Piccolo is going to fight them. We all know Piccolo is a great at observing the enemy, and them being from the same race could mean that Piccolo will learn a thing or two from them. Just Like Universe 6 Saiyans learned things from Universe 7 Saiyans, it is possible that U7’s Piccolo could learn something from Universe 6 Namekians.

Do you think Piccolo will get a new ability in the Tournament of Power? Let me know in the comments section below.


Why Universe 4 Will Make It To The End of Tournament of Power – Explained

Universe 4 is probably considered to be the weakest of the remaining Universes in the Tournament of Power. Their fighters don’t really look like they’re a match for the likes of Goku, Jiren, Hit, or Vegeta. So, I think most people just write them off. But I think Universe 4 can very well make it to the end of the Tournament of Power.

Of the 8 Universes that took part, Universe 11 definitely appears to be the strongest, because they have the strongest warrior, Jiren. Those close to them would be Universe 7, and Universe 6. But, you must’ve noticed that Quitela is far too calm at a situation like this. Even when Jiren was revealed to be someone who was beyond the level of a God of Destruction, he was too calm.

One would think that it is his nature, but he’s a cunning person, and he’s definitely up to something. Even Beerus thought the same. Just because Universe 11 and 7 have monstrous fighters doesn’t mean they will win for sure. The biggest advantage that Universe 4 has is it’s two unknown fighters.

They haven’t really been revealed yet, and their identity can’t even be detected with the God pad. Goku, and the rest can’t feel their presence either, and they definitely have the advantage this way. If you can’t be detected, you can’t be defeated. By the end of the Tournament of Power, the Universe with most fighters left standing is going to emerge victorious.

So, if Universe 4 has two, then they’re already the front runners in the race. That’s not all. Spoilers for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super say that we will soon be introduced to a new character. It doesn’t say who the character is, or which Universe he is from, but we do know he’ll be appearing pretty soon. He is also said to be someone who is extremely powerful. At this point, I’m thinking that guy should be from Universe 4.

Atleast one of the two members from Universe 4’s hidden fighters should be revealed. It was also be a shock if the they can’t only erase their presence, but are also extremely powerful. That will definitely blow everyone’s minds. They’ll definitely be trouble to deal with.

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