Jiren Eliminates Hit?- Dragon Ball Super Episode 111-112 Spoilers!


Guys, we have got an amazing update!

The scan translated by KenXyro implies Hitman Hit will get eliminated in Dragon Ball Super Episode 111!

This is what it says-

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112: Saiyans Vow! Vegeta’s Resolve!!

Saiyans Pride And Bonds!!

Vegeta Helps Cabba!

Universe 6 is targeted by other universes as they lose Hit. On the other hand Vegeta moves in to help his student- Cabba!

Well we already knew Vegeta will save Cabba from the Verge of getting eliminated, what the earlier preview summary didn’t reveal is a major spoiler, that is Hit getting eliminated.

Now, that’s a huge shocker, Hit is one of the finest in the tournament, and without Hit Universe 6 almost doesn’t have any shot at winning.

In Episode 111 preview, we did see Jiren dominating most of the time, but we also see Hit landing a legit blow on Jiren and even leaving a mark on his chest. Still most of thought Hit will get cornered but elimination is certainly a surprise and will make a statement that even major characters might get eliminated anytime now.

It’s a bit disappointing because you would expect him to be one of the top 5 survivors, but that’s not the case.

Now, we don’t exactly know for sure how he will get eliminated or by whom he will get eliminated. But, we can guess it will be Jiren, it might not be a fair fight since Dyspo and Toppo has this tendency of interfering to help Jiren for some reason.

Anyways, there goes the part about almost confirmed spoilers, it’s from a reliable source, unless they willingly did that to confuse us or they don’t  mean elimination when they say losing Hit, we can be sure that he will be out next episode. So it’s like 95% confirmed.

Goku's Ultra Instinct Is Stronger Than Anything We've Seen So Far

However, just like I explained in my preview breakdown, I think Hit’s effort will not be totally useless. If you see in the preview, Hit willingly takes attack from Jiren only to figure him, and later hits him perfectly on a vital point, leaving a hole like mark on his chest.

So, I think Goku will observe this fight, and thanks to Hit willingly taking attacks, Jiren’s technique will get exposed. Maybe not in the eyes of the audiences, but to Goku, which Goku will later use to defeat Jiren, and might explain how Hit’s fight actually helped him.

Coming to think about it, It’s actually possible that Hit decided to sacrifice himself, just to expose Jiren. Which is why he opened himself, making Jiren attack, he knew he was risking himself, but he also knew this is the only way Goku could figure out how to take him down, and thus Hit uses everything he has just to serve that purpose.

We know a mutual respect and understanding exists between Goku and Jiren, so I will not be surprised if this indeed turns out to be the case. Because Hit would have Goku win the tournament over Universe 11 winning any day, so he knew one of them had to go down to figure this mess out, and after seeing Goku awaken Ultra Instinct he decided it had to be him.

Now, don’t get confused, the later part is only a prediction, only the scan is confirmed information. Comment your opinion and theories down below! See you in the next, Dragon Ball Super video!


A New Super Warrior Is Coming in The Tournament of Power!

A new super Warrior is coming to The Tournament of Power, a leak from upcoming toys, merchandise or figures says exactly that.

We have some major characters lined up here, Ultra Instinct Goku, Gohan, Hit and then the mystery warrior with question mark. So, who could it be?

Now, just from the looks of it we could try to make some desperate predictions like it could be a slimmed version of Jiren, which I would totally hate because I like how we finally have a muscular serious looking fighter, but anyways that’s not the case!

Because the text reads “A New Warrior Will Join The Fray”.

So, it has to be someone who we did not see yet. This only leaves us with a few options, my first guess would be one of the 2 invisible fighters of Universe 4.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 107, it was pointed out and we were reminded again that no one is able to see or sense 2 fighters of Universe 4, this even caught the attention of Beerus further signifying that they might be quite strong and play a major role in this battle royal.




So, they are basically terming the character as new, as in someone we have not seen yet, not that someone new who will enter the tournament. Because from the spoilers, we know those 2 mystery fighters are Damon and Gamisaru 2 bugs basically, and they are currently in the battle. They are just naturally invisible due to their size or know to hide their energy.

Now, you might say that the mystery figure just looks like an average sized female, and anything but a small bug character. Firstly, I would say it’s possible that Damon and Gamisaru might be able to change their size.

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