Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Preview Breakdown- Hit Exposes Jiren?


The last special episode of Dragon Ball Super totally broke the internet, as we witnessed Goku awaken Ultra Instinct something that even the Gods of Destruction struggle to achieve, but even that was not enough to take out Jiren- The Grey.

The episode ends, with Jiren perfectly defending and catching Hit’s attack, fighters, in general, tends to be most open when finishing their enemies, Hit tried to take advantage of that, but the biggest hype of the moment doesn’t even have that weakness.


The way he stops Hit, like Jiren makes the counter move way before Hit even lands his attack, and if you actually look at how Goku countered Dyspo and Toppo after awakening Ultra Instinct, like his reflexes getting his hand in the perfect spot for catching them both at once, it’s quite similar to what Jiren is doing. Making us think, if Jiren already mastered the Ultra Instinct. Now, that’s a topic for another time.

Next Episode promises to be totally intense, as Hitman Hit finally takes on Jiren- The Grey. 2 of the best DBS exclusive characters and rivals of Goku will battle them, giving everything they have.  Although, in the preview it looks like Hit fails to get the upper hand, he certainly has Jiren’s attention, and even Jiren knew about Hit beforehand, due to his legendary Assassin status. So, this fight could indeed go either ways.

Now, over here we will break down ‘ Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 ‘ preview, but first let’s talk about something that was not shown in the preview, but will be a part of the next episode.

In the absolute last scene of Episode 110, we see Frieza pointing a beam towards Goku. Now, many fans are wondering if Frieza was waiting for an opportune and will finally turn and take out Goku.

However, that’s likely not the case, Frieza at the end mentions ‘It brought back memories of Planet Namek’. He was talking about the time, Goku decided to heal him just a little bit, to give him a chance to survive even after all that Frieza did.

And I think that is exactly, and when I say exactly, I mean exactly what will happen.

That is Frieza will heal Goku, but he will only give him enough energy to survive for the time being, so that he can keep fighting, but Frieza will not fully heal Goku or even heal to a great extent, because that’s what Goku did to Frieza back on Namek.

Even logically that’s a right decision, because Frieza is also a major player, and he already contributed for the Spirit Bomb. Vegeta even decided to not give energy at all, so it sounds legit for Frieza to not give too much.  Image may contain: meme and text

Well, the real question is why is Frieza being so helpful?

Did Frieza have a change of heart?

Most likely not, but given most of Goku’s friends where once evil, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, but yeah Frieza is of a different level, even if he were to change a little bit we would except him to be more like an anti-hero.

However, coming to the most likely reason why he helped Goku, firstly obviously it’s because of the tournament rules, even Frieza needs to ensure Universe 7 survive before exploring anything else.

But, if you go back to the last episode, Frieza’s shot were being frequently shown, when The gods of Destruction were getting astonished by it, Frieza’s smirk tells us he is liking how The Gods are getting freaked out by a mortal’s power. Previously, Frieza mentioned that he plans to take over the Gods, his primary interest has shifted towards Godly affairs from wanting Goku and Vegeta dead.

Now, that he sees what Goku is capable off, he knows in order to survive in this tournament, as well as for any plot against them, Goku can be an essential weapon. Heck! Frieza might even learn Ultra Instinct watching him in action for a bit more, given how much of a prodigy he is. So, even if Frieza has no good intentions, he needs Goku as a pawn in his chess game against The Gods of Destruction and maybe even higher.  We will explore this further after Episode 111!

Now, finally coming to the Grand fight!

It’s worth mentioning that most fans for some reason are underestimating Hit, as they predict it will be a one sided domination from Jiren. They are like Goku couldn’t do it, how can Hit do it. They are forgetting Goku lost to Hit in the tournament, and given Goku required slight assistance from Piccolo, we could say Hit did slightly better at the second encounter or even if he didn’t, it was just a draw.

Now, if we actually look at the preview clip, in the beginning, Jiren is totally dominating Hit, fiercely jumping on him, with the force of the entire body. Hit is on the defense, barely dodging Jiren’s attack, it’s interesting to note that Hit has able to trigger Jiren to go full offence, which Goku was mainly able to do after going ultra instinct. Because Jiren normally doesn’t make so many moves, from simple look, it appears as though Hit is trying to use the time skip, but it’s not working at all. He is failing over and over again.

But, on closer inspection, sounds like Jiren has a plan, the subs says he will be using a special attack, and look at these scenes. Hit is using time skip all around Jiren, but is not even trying to attack, he is just trying to understand how Jiren reacts, how he is countering it, and how he attacks. Hit is just using it to figure Jiren out, instead of wasting energy in failed attempts of hitting him, which is if you look at his body, he is not even attempting to attack.

So, this will presumably go on for a while, before The Hitman slowly starts understanding how he can make it work against Hit. Finally, in this shot, it looks like it’s starting to work a little bit. Jiren tries to kick him again, but this time Hit manages to dodge by skipping. Now, Jiren manages to land 2 more shots right afterward but Hit also dodged it right in time to not get that much impact. Even here you can see Jiren is repeatedly trying to attack Hit, while Goku was the one who attempted majority of the attacks in the last encounter. So it’s fair to say Hit’s plan will work to some extent at the very least.

Then there’s this shot of Hit throwing a punch wave, it could be to confuse or distract Jiren, which I believe might connect with the scene where Hit finally manages to land a legit blow on Jiren’s vital point, on the chest, around where the heart is supposed to be. So, Hit’s entire Game was not about trying to land as many blows as he can in an unplanned way, but to land that one punch that would go on to make a difference. This shot, we actually see a hole like mark on Jiren’s chest, where Hit probably landed the blow, it’s not 100% clear from the preview, but that’s likely the case, and it’s a big deal no one was able to do that. The entirety of Goku vs Jiren, ended with Goku almost fully drained while Jiren remained unscratched, but that’s already not the case in this fight. Now after taking one damaging blow on the body, Jiren seems to be struggling a bit, in this scene he is actually trying to dodge an attack by his own, nothing connected him, but as he jumps backward he kinds of loses control and clashes twice.

Lastly, we see them on the verge of the stage, Hit on the danger half, but they are going at it with a similar looking energy shield, they must both be familiar to this technique. What intrigues me is, the ki coming out of Jiren’s body is purplish like Hit, and I don’t think it was like that before. Makes me wonder if, he has mimicking abilities.

Now, coming to my prediction part,

I don’t hit will defeat or knock out Jiren, but by this encounter, Hit will expose a loose end of Jiren, which Goku will take note of, and later when he fights Jiren he will suddenly use that to his advantage. Because fights at this level is not only about overpowering, but it has lot to do with outsmarting.

Hit will outsmart Jiren, and expose his technique, which we the audiences might not realize before it gets exploited by Goku or Goku explains it himself.

But, that’s just my prediction. Anything might happen, there’s no mention of Hit or Jiren in Episode 112-114. So something shocking like Hit ending up getting eliminated might happen.


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