One Piece Creator Is Hinting Whole New Class Of Abilities

Luffy new power

Hey guys. The whole of One Piece seems to revolve on two things when it comes to power. One is Haki and the other is devil fruit abilities.

However, recently a few hints have been dropped on a whole new set of abilities. Although there has been no official announcement yet, but it may not be long before that it is confirmed. The new abilities are not related to devil fruits in any way. These abilities are elemental abilities. Actually, the hint started way back at Fishman Island. It was demonstrated by Brook when he used ice elemental with his Soul Solid ability.

Brook is able to freeze enemies with his sword attacks. Again at Punk Hazard, the elemental ability was demonstrated by yet another swordsman. This time it was Kin’emon who showed that he could cut things with fire. The ability seemed to surprise Zoro as he believed it wasn’t possible. Now let’s move a bit forward to Whole Cake Island. You know where I’m heading with this. I’m talking about Big Mom’s Prometheus and Zeus are elemental attack beings.

Actually it did come as a surprise to many people that Prometheus and Zeus could be hurt. There’s a event that I would like to point out which happened in one of the recent chapters while Luffy attempted to attack Prometheus using Haki but it had no effect. Jinbe also explained in a panel that they are elemental and Haki has no effect on them, leaving the attacker just one option and that is countering an elemental with elemental.

A good example of this is when Luffy attacked candy with his red hawk.
I think by now it’s clear that Oda has been creating a new class of abilities in the storyline- Elemental. It looks like that the elementals will be officially named in Wano arc. Zoro and Brook had great interests when they saw Kinemon’s fire-sword style. It’s possible they may learn new elemental styles from their time in Wano.

The elementals will add a brand new direction to the show. It could also hint at Shanks’ crew being full of elementals. Minks are able to use Electro (electricity), Fishmen (water) and Kin’emon Fox Fire style (fire), Prometheus (Fire), and Zeus (thunder). Wano will probably start sometime later this year and it certainly looks like worth waiting.

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Did Oda Just Hint That Luffy’s Getting a New ULTIMATE Gear 4th Technique!?

Monkey D. Luffy is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates. He started off as a lowly pirate, but right now he’s easily one of the strongest Pirates in the New World right now. Luffy has eaten the Paramecia Type of Devil Fruit called Gomu Gomu no Mi, and is one of the many Devil Fruit users in the world of One Piece. This Devil Fruit has turned his entire body into rubber, which makes him a rubber man.

He can endlessly utilize the power of stretchiness. You may think that it’s not an effective Devil Fruit, but watch Luffy fight once, and your opinion will definitely change.

Strongest Pirate Grandline

In order to improve his combat ability, Luffy has created “Gears”. When fighting strong opponents, he always relies on them to increase his battle prowess. The first gear Luffy created was, Gear 2nd back at Enies Lobby, and with this, he was able to recreate the Shave ability of the opponents that he had fought.

It made it very powerful, but it lacked raw power and that is why he developed Gear 3rd. This is exactly what made a renowned Pirate, and after the War of Marineford, he had a bounty of 400 Million on his head.

Luffy new power

Luffy later learned to use Haki and use it in his gears. This led to the creation of Gear 4th, which is a completely new gear. Gear 4th was Luffy using Haki to keep the air in his muscles, and use compression and elasticity instead of stretchiness.

He defeated Doflamingo with this power, but it isn’t strong enough to defeat the top dogs. Luffy struggled in a fight against Cracker, and needed Nami’s help or he would’ve died.

To counter this, i think there will be a new Gear 4th form, called Gear 4th “Burnman”. In one of the spreads of One Piece Volume, Oda showed Luffy’s Gear 4t with Fire around him. I think this is foreshadowing for a new form he will use vs Katakuri. Gear 4th Burn Man would be one of Luffy’s strongest forms. If you would’ve noticed, Gear 4th Bounce Man spreads more air in his upper body, and less in his lower, which is why cannot stay in place.

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