Where is the Tree of Devil Fruits in One Piece?


The Devil Fruits are special fruits that give people various abilities. They’re very rare in the 4 Blues. However, in the Grand Line, almost everyone has a Devil Fruit.

The first Devil Fruit that we saw in One Piece was that of Monkey D Luffy, when he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Later, we saw many more Devil Fruits, and by now, every other person in the New world seems to have one. The power of a Devil Fruit varies.

Some are extremely overpowered, while others not so much. But, each devil fruit is great in its own way. It all depends on the user really.

Monkey D. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi isn’t all that great, but the way Luffy uses it, it becomes one of the most powerful Devil Fruits.

So, where do the Devil Fruits originate from? It’s a really interesting topic. Devil Fruits, being Fruits, should be growing on a tree. That much is pretty certain. You cannot have Fruits unless they’re growing somewhere. So, I think it is safe to assume that somewhere, there does exist a Devil Fruit tree in the One Piece world.

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The Devil Fruits are common in the Grand Line. So, that would mean if there is a tree, it is somewhere in the Grand Line. Otherwise, the Devil Fruit would be common in the 4 blues as well. But, they’re rarely found there. Often, the World Government is linked with such things. If the Devil Fruit tree is something man-made, then you can bet that the World Government is behind it.

This would explain how it is that all the Marine Admirals have overpowered Devil Fruits. You could say that they rose through the ranks. However, someone like Fujitora just joined the Marines, and it is hinted that he has just received his Devil Fruit.

He’s not had it for long. My theory simply states that the World Government has the Tree of Devil Fruit. It’s location would be none other than Mariejois. Yes, it is also the National Treasure of Mariejois.

Doflamingo mentioned that he had information on the National Treasure and if anyone would find out about it, it would literally turn the world upside down. He’s most likely talking about the Devil Fruit Tree.

He also said that by using Law’s Devil Fruit, he could steal it. So that’s possible as well. Now, many wonder if there is a Devil Fruit tree, then how the Devil Fruits spread around the world. Well, the answer is simple. We know when a Devil Fruit user dies, the soul of the Devil goes into the nearest fruit. So, that’s how they’re spread.

I think we’ll soon be seeing the Devil Fruit Tree in One Piece as the story progresses. What are you thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments section below!


Does Mihawk Have A Secret Crew In One Piece?

Hey guys. Mihawk is the one of the shichibukai who are directly affiliated with the World Government. He is currently the world’s strongest swordsman. Mihawk wields the all black blade, which is called Yoru. This sword is a Saijo O Wazamono grade sword.

Any sword belonging to that grade is an extremely powerful sword. Currently there are just 2 swords which belong to this grade. One is the Yoru and the other one is the Shodai Kitetsu. Mihawk is the only warlord who doesn’t have any crew. I didn’t include Kuma, because he is more of a test subject. It’s quite strange that Mihawk doesn’t have a crew despite being a pirate.

However, I don’t believe that Mihawk doesn’t have any crew. He does have a crew but he isn’t with them right now. I have two possible theories in mind. The first one is that Mihawk is actually a member of some other crew. My bet is on that Mihawk is a member is of the Red Hair Pirates.

what happened to zoro's left eye


After the Reverie ends, the Shichibukai system will be abolished and Mihawk will go back to his pirate crew. The most likely hints are- Mihawk is able to track down Shanks without any trouble. The other thing is that Shanks and Mihawk have been rivals for quite some time now. These things give off the impression that Mihawk does belong to the Red Hair Pirates.

The second possibility is that Mihawk has a crew which is hiding somewhere. The best place to hide a crew would be on Fishman Island. It is the best possible location to conceal their presence. It would be really amazing if either of the two possibilities would be true.

Personally speaking, Mihawk is one of my favorite characters and it would be really awesome if we get to know more about Mihawk.

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