EX Raid Tests extended to more areas!


The hype of EX Raid invites is starting to die down, seeing that they are only spawning at select Gyms in the United States and Japan. They’ve since expanded to more areas within those countries as well as some new invites appearing in Taiwan.

The EX Raids in the United States have expanded to sponsored Gyms at Sprint stores across the country. They’re too numerous to list here now but include the likes of Michigan, Oregon, Delaware, Vancouver, Ohio, New Jersey, Kansas, Missouri and several others, so keep your eyes peeled! The EX Raids in Japan have also expanded to sponsored Gyms at Joyfull Restaurants. Over 80 EX Raids have been reported at the Joyfull Restaurant Gyms across Japan.

The newcomer to EX Raids is Taiwan! Two EX Raids have now been reported on and verified by multiple sources. The First is again at a Joyfull Restaurant Gym in Taipei City. Whether this is a coincidence or part of the same sponsorship of Raids as Japan is as yet uncertain. The uncertainty stems from the non-sponsored location of the second Taiwan EX Raid, located at Da’an Forest Park, in the Da’an District of Taipei City. It’s interesting to note that it is currently the only reported non-sponsored EX Raid in this new wave of invites. More interestingly, the invites for EX Raids in Taiwan do not mention it being a part of the field test or testing phase like the American and Japanese invites mention. Was this just an oversight, or an error in translation or could this indicate a world wide release may be sooner than expected? Only time will tell.

Have you been lucky enough to receive an EX Raid invite yet? Let us know in the comments! Alternatively, you can get in touch with me on Twitter (@Kert_OtakuKart); regarding EX Raids or anything Pokémon GO related and to keep informed on new developments and news.

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