Pokémon Go Update Best One Yet?


Hey guys. The most recent update of Pokémon Go is out and it looks YUGEEEE! After going through the updates, I must say that it is really amazing. It is the largest bug fix update till date. With this update Niantic is targeting stability.

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There are lots of new features that have been added to the game. The major changes are search upgrades— defender, legendary, and movesets.

A new code has appeared which confirms the official patch notes’ note that you can now search by “defender” to see gym-deployed Pokémon, “legendary” to see your legendary catches, and a new Pokemon Move Name Map shows that move names are now searchable. There is also additions to the journal.

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There are also new journal entries. The annoying lobby bug has also been fixed to some extent now. The Lobby bug was getting pretty worse and worse. The number of trainers appearing in the lobby was wrong. The actual number of trainers was something else. I did point it out in one of my previous posts. It really needed to fixed and I’m really glad that Niantic upped their work and fixed it. The gym attack animation has been fixed as well.

The update is really amazing and one that we were all waiting for. Bless Niantic! I’ll discuss more about them in my other post.

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The Release of Generation 3 Pokemon is Just Around The Corner

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Pokemon Go game came in July 2016 and it had a lot of ups and downs during first few months and because of that many players left the game, but when events were introduced, many players returned to the game, Halloween event was the most popular event among Pokemon trainers.

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Later in February Generation 2 Pokemon were release and it was all crazy, same old feeling when Pokemon Go came out and majority of players returned to the game. Starting of 2017, Niantic promised us four major updates this year and out of 4 we have already got 3 updates. First was Generation 2 Pokemon, second was Gym Rework, and third was Legendary Pokemon.

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The 4th one could be trading or Generation 3, I believe it’s still too early for trading and Generation 3 Pokemon is needed because trainers are starting to get bored in the game as many trainers have caught most Pokemon from generation 1 and generation 2.


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Another reason I believe we will be seeing Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go is because, Generation 2 Pokemon came out after 7 months of Pokemon Go’s initial release, and it’s been almost 7 months since Generation 2 came out, Pokemon trainers needs something new to stick around.

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At the very moment majority of trainers who lives in Urban area are enjoying the Legendary Raids and catching many Legendaries, Articuno, Lugia, Moltres and Zapdos but the players in rural area are leaving the game since most of them don’t have anything more to do in Pokemon Go and can’t catch legendary or do raids because there are no Gyms at all in Rural Areas. Good news for Urban area trainers, more Legendaries are coming in upcoming month, so that’s a good thing.

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