An Important Character Could Die in This Week’s Episode “The Dragon and The Wolf”


A Game of Thrones finale without atleast one death is considered a dull affair. We had so many deaths in season 7, and of course, the finale is not going to be any difference. This week, in “Beyond the Wall”, we saw how Jon Snow and his party were able to get a Wight from the Night King’s army.

However, the price they paid for it was huge. Daenerys Targaryen needed to rush to their rescue, and in the process she lost one of her dragons as well. Thoros of Myr was also one of those who died, and if Daenerys Targaryen hadn’t come, all 7 of them would’ve been Wights by now.

We also saw Arya and Sansa continuing their argument, and this time Arya really scared Sansa during the Game of faces. By the end of the episode, Sansa couldn’t decide what she should do with Arya.

However, in the next episode, things are going to be settled once and for all among the two. The main reason the two girls are arguing is because of Littlefinger. He’s putting Sansa against Arya, and he was the one who led Arya to the letter that she wrote to Robb. But, he doesn’t realize Bran Stark is right there, and he knows every move that he makes, and when he makes it. According to the Leaks of Episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf” is going to be the last episode for Littlefinger on the show. Yes, he’s finally going to die.

Sansa is going to expose Littlefinger, and all his crimes that he’s done against the North, and also the Vale. Everything, from the fact that he killed Lysa Arryn, to the fact that he betrayed Ned when he was asked to secure the Gold Cloaks, gets out in public.

Littlefinger will face his doom then. He will still try to get around what he did by acting clever, like he always does, but it won’t work this time. He’ll even ask Yohn Royce for support, but he won’t be helping him. According to leaks, Sansa will even tell them about the fact that he sold her to the Boltons in the first place. This will infuriate everyone.

Finally, Littlefinger’s death sentence passed, and while he will be there, standing, Arya Stark will be the one to slit his throat from behind, and hold him until he chokes on his own blood, just as he held a dagger to Eddard’s throat.

Littlefinger had been a great addition to the Game of Thrones series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually made his way all the way to the Iron Throne. He’s one of the most dangerous people in Westeros after all. But what I’m gonna miss even more is Aiden Gillen, his acting, and his dialogues.


The Fate of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale!

Arya Stark was a big part of this season of Game of Thrones, as she has been every season. She began her journey back to Westeros last season, and killed Walder Frey as well.

This season, she annihilated the entire Frey House via a poisoned wine. She was going to murder Cersei Lannister, however, as she met Hot Pie, she was told that Jon Snow had won back Winterfell and now, he was King in North.

This led Arya to change her roads, and she headed back to Winterfell, her home. We had a great reunion with Sansa, and Bran, but things didn’t go smooth from there.

Bran is being creepy just as expected of him, and Sansa is being the diplomat she is. However, I don’t really think Sansa is doing much wrong here. Arya is forcing her to accept that she wants to betray Jon, while to her, family does mean a lot.

Back in “Beyond the Wall”, we saw how Arya revealed everything about the faces to Sansa. This just made her even more uncomfortable around her little sister, and Arya isn’t really helping much here.

But, heading into the finale, they will continue to be bitter towards one another. According to the leaks, they will settle their differences in the finale. I’m glad we don’t have to witness them fighting again, because the plot isn’t really all that good at all.

The leaks also suggest that Sansa will summon all the Lord’s at Weteors, and call Arya in front of them to ask her how many times she’s betrayed the North. Arya will truly believe that this is the day she dies.

However, as it turns out, Sansa isn’t really talking about Arya at all. She’s speaking to Littlefinger. With Bran’s help, she’s finds out what Littlefinger has been up to, and what he really wants. Sansa will reveal all the secrets she knows about Littlefinger right there.

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