The one who has greater power than Omni King!


I don’t know if you have noticed this or not, but Omni king seems to be the God of Destruction equivalent for the whole of 12 universes, so could that mean there is a God of Creation too? Well, we dug a little and found out, Perhaps there has been a reference to such a character who could possibly be even stronger than Zeno sama. This article has all the details about him and a power level comparison to the end. Enjoy reading!

So who do you think is most powerful? Before you think the obvious answer is Lord Zeno, you must consider because Tori Bot is supposed to represent Toriyama, he’s appeared as Easter eggs in the series from time to time.

But he’s supposed to be the creator of everything, even Zeno. Now he’s not anyone who is noticeable, nor does anyone in the series know of his existence, but he is very real. I guess some could look at him as a Saitama sorta because he doesn’t look strong and people hardly know of his presence. But he definitely has my vote on who is more powerful. He “literally” has the ability to destroy the entire series. The only thing blocking him is Toei contracts. What do you guys think? Who’s more powerful?

Zen-Oh, also known as the Omni-King, is the most powerful known character in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. He is the the king of the 12 universes and the entity that is above all living beings. Zen-Oh is a very small and childlike humanoid figure who dons a pink vest featuring two “all” kanjis.

While he does not fight, Zen-Oh possesses the ability and power to instantly annihilate anything. There used to be 18 universes but it is said that he wiped six of them out just because he was in a bad mood. The limit of his strength is currently unknown but Beerus says that Zen-Oh could erase all 12 universes in a heartbeat. Whis backs that claim, stating that there is not a single person greater than Zen-Oh in rank and power.

Akira-Ultimate Ruler Of The Dragon World! A.K.A Tori-Bot, Robotoriyama,Robotiyama, he is the avatar of the writer, and by extension the God of the Universe.

His powers includes creating the Dragon World (and ending it at least two times) and altering the timeline to suit his own tastes.

(Examples including Trunks and Goten not aging physically, the creation of Dragon Ball Super, Freeza having abnormal latent power, Majin Buu being born from the start of the Universe instead of being Babidi’s creation and more)

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Tori Bot is literally Omnipotent. He have literal control over everything and anything, there’s no one above him in DB Cosmos or alternative realms, not even cosmic level beings like Zarama (so far unknown possibly nigh omni, known as the creator of Dragon God SS),

Dragon God Super Shenron (Known to have infinite wish granting power – by omniscient Zuno), The Omni King of Everything Zeno (Casual Multiversal) etc. are all below him. The Gap between Zeno and Tori-Bot is literally infinite on every way including fictional level, dimensional level and reality level (Exists outside of fictional reality as well).

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Toriyama is the ultimate ruler of the Dragon Ball world, and therefore likely greater than Zen-Oh.

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