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Players in Japan were ecstatic recently when they caught Shiny Pikachu during the “Pokemon Go” event in the region. However, it appears that the ultra-rare variant that they captured is entirely something else. Players were disappointed upon confirming that the variant that they have captured is a Ditto.

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Pikachu Outbreak Festival few days ago, Blasting News reported on players in Japan catching the ultra-rare variant of Pikachu in the game. During the Pikachu Outbreak event, players who dropped by either of the parks where the event is held can spot a Kanto or Johto-themed area inhabited by pocket monsters from the fictional regions in the game.

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This is a great opportunity for players to catch a creature that is rarely found in Japan. Moreover, players might encounter and catch the Shiny Pikachu or Raichu variant. The skin of this variant makes the creature to appear dark in color. Unfortunately, players who would like to catch this rare variant might end up disappointed when they find out they end up capturing a plain Ditto.

On Reddit, a user shared his experience when he caught a rare Pikachu and posted the results. The user uploaded the images that documented the capture of the cute yellow iconic pocket monster. Unfortunately, the creature transforms into Ditto right after the capture. The devious formless monster snitched its way into the Trainer’s Pokeball. So far, Niantic Labs has not commented on the latest news reported by several players.

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