24 Gen 1-2 Pokemon That Will Be Impossible To Find When Gen 3 Comes Out


Today we bring you a massive list of Pokemon who will be moving to nearly impossible to find as a spawn once the next generation of Pokemon release. Gen 3 Pokemon will bring some unique Pokemon to the game, most of which bring tons of new evolution to the table including a brand new list of move-sets that’ll be more reliable than others we currently use. Let’s get right into it


POKE Charizard

Stamina: 156  Attack: 223  Defense: 176 Max CP: 2686

Stamina: 182 Attack: 263 Defense: 201 Max CP: 3581


Stamina: 82 Attack: 119 Defense: 94 Max CP: 860


Stamina: 320 Attack: 190 Defense: 190 Max CP: 3355


Stamina: 130 Attack: 153 Defense: 139 Max CP: 1567


Stamina: 260 Attack: 165 Defense: 180 Max CP: 2603


Stamina:100        Attack:224        Defense:211        Max CP:2406


Stamina: 100 Attack: 193 Defense: 212 Max CP: 2098


Stamina: 500 Attack: 60 Defense: 176 Max CP: 1469


Stamina: 120 Attack: 220 Defense: 203 Max CP: 2517


Mega Aerodactyl

Stamina: 160 Attack: 221 Defense: 164 Max CP: 2608


Pokémon GO: Miniature Scythers Found!!!!!!

Stamina: 140 Attack: 218 Defense: 170 Max CP: 2464


Stamina: 130 Attack: 183 Defense: 205 Max CP: 2208


Stamina: 70 Attack: 155 Defense: 174 Max CP: 1345


px Chikorita

Stamina: 90 Attack: 92 Defense: 122 Max CP: 801



Stamina: 78 Attack: 116 Defense: 96 Max CP: 831


Stamina:100        Attack:117        Defense:116        Max CP:1011


Stamina: 120 Attack: 167 Defense: 167 Max CP: 1781


Stamina: 90 Attack: 152 Defense: 93 Max CP: 1110


Stamina: 100 Attack: 115 Defense: 93 Max CP: 904


Stamina: 190 Attack: 157 Defense: 211 Max CP: 2312


Stamina:110        Attack:114        Defense:82        Max CP:887


Stamina:110        Attack:139        Defense:191        Max CP:1543


Stamina: 100 Attack: 173 Defense: 214 Max CP: 1905

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Pokemon Go: Unowns Incoming – Go Catch ’em All

Hello Trainers, everyone around the world while trying to catch those legendary pokemons there were some events happening in CHICAGO fest that only a few people noticed. Unown isn’t a regional-exclusive Pokemon, but it’s usually quite rare.

According to at least one report, Pokemon Go Fest was supposed to have Unown that spelled out “CHICAGO” but no one picked up on it due to all the technical problems. There were reports that someone had spotted some Unknowns that Spelled “C H I A G and O “ and Couldn’t find that one final “C” to complete the Puzzle.

Having said that we have received numerous reports about recent spawns of Unknowns all over the Europe. There was a Trainer from Prague who claimed that he found a series of Unknowns that spelled “ E O P “ was this just a mere luck or is Niantic trying to tell us something about their future plans?

There are numerous reports of increased Unknown spawns throughout the Europe according to the trainers, they have spotted few series of Unknowns in Berlin Airport.

Pokemon GO Unown O

Few reported that the there was an O and U in the City of Berlin. A trainer said he found numerous Unknowns in Lyon while he was Spoofing.

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