Dragon Ball Super Secret to Win the Tournament of Power!


Secret to Win the Tournament of Power!

The Battle Ground Theory

Could this be the one way to save the universe you live in? We all have waited for 14 episodes for the Tournament of Power to begin, in each episode we expected from next episode the tournament will begin. There is a very important theory revolving which kind of indicates why it was required to give so much time to the formation of the Battle Ground, Cell made the ground in minutes so why couldn’t the Gods be quick. Here is the Secret to Win the Tournament of Power!

At some point of time it must have struck your mind that why they build the stadium in so many pieces, why not create a massive single unit and why this time a circular ring instead of square one as observed in all previous tournaments. Everybody knows one single big piece is stronger than various smaller pieces combined together.

There is a very peculiar reason for that, in the last 3 episodes you must have observed that the ring is shown moving, even in the Title Song where Jiren and Goku are shown fighting, the ring is moving at a very fast pace, the rotation of the ring is introduced so that the fighters none of the fighters of any universe try misuse one of the rules, that is when the central pillar fades away the universe with the maximum fighters win.

All the Universe can try to avoid the fight till the pillar fades away. So the rotation is introduced so that an inward force is created which force them to fight instead of running away. One more reason is that Omni King wants to observe a fun fight and if there is no fighting and excitement in the ring then the Omni King will kill everyone, so that’s why the Grand priest thought of this.

But still why so many pieces? The theory behind this is that as the tournament progresses and the number of fighters starts decreasing the outer circles of the ring will start getting demolished and hence making the ring smaller and smaller and hence forcing the fighters to fight. It is easy to demolish the part if it is in pieces.

But still, they are all theories, although it is shown that the ring is moving maybe there is another reason behind that, same goes for the circular ring and combing number of blocks together.

Here is one more reward theory for you:

Are all 7 loser Universes really getting Destroyed? ( Fan Theory )

So this might be some real bummer if things went the way we are going to discuss below. Remember the time when in Trunks saga it was told that if the God of Destruction was destroyed or was dead, the Angel of that universe gets deactivated.

From the Beginning of the tournament, since it was announced in episode 80 approx Angels are so calm, Even you can notice Whis is so calm while seeing the fighting in the tournament, he is a good friend of Beerus, therefore it’s safe to assume that universes will not be destroyed, and it’s just for motivation so that warriors perform to their fullest, Universe 9 Destruction shown in episode 98 will probably be some

So I have heard this a lot and finally decided to write about the fan theory of the whole erase the universe thing to be a ‘motivation’ for the fighters to fight with all their spirits. I mean look at this theory, It can almost answer every question we have ever had.

Mojito could be smiling as he hated the Kaioshin and the God of Destruction, and he sees everyone in the world of void scared. Not just the fighters everyone expect the Angels almost peed their pants off! This could explain the ease by with Omni King potentially ended the whole universe.

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