PokemonGO: New Gym Raids Explained!!!


So, today was a day that will go down in the history of Pokemon Go, earlier today Niantic tweeted out that the gyms will be going down in a few hours, and everyone was sad, to kill the bad aftertaste that their last tweet has left behind. They followed up this tweet by dropping the big bomb. Announcing the latest gym features.

One of the major new changes that were dropped was the introduction of gym raids now, this thing was long predicted, that raids will be part of this new update, and this has been a much-awaited feature to the game.

Ok so let’s get to the explanation part now, shall we? All around the world you there will random raids that will be triggered at any random time, now these raids can only occur at previously known gyms. When a raid starts all the defending Pokemon in the gym would be cleared making way for a monstrous Pokemon.

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