Kishimoto Talks About Kakashi And His Role In The Series


Kakashi Hatake is arguably one of the most loved characters in the series. He was the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Kakashi is one of the most smartest characters in the series. His talent is unquestionable. Kakashi could’ve been seriously overpowered if he was born with some sort of bloodline limit. It is fair to say that he would have been among the stronger characters. But, how did Kishi come up with Kakashi and what was his original role in the series?

Masashi Kishimoto originally intended for Kakashi to debut in the second chapter of the Naruto manga, appearing prior to the other members of Team 7. The Kakashi that was designed to appear in the second chapter was a laid back but very skilled ninja that ended his sentences with the polite “de gozaru” in the Japanese versions of the series.

That surely would freak out the fans if Kakashi would start saying “de gozaru” every now and then. However, after some consultation with his editor, Kishimoto pushed this debut back, allowing him to better develop Kakashi and the rest of Team 7. Despite this, Kakashi retains many of his original personality traits, being easygoing, unfazed by the actions of others, and eyes appearing to be half-asleep.
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