All We Know About the Upcoming Gym Rework


So with the fire and ice event in full swing and Pokemon Go events in Europe also doing well, and a hope summer ahead, it looks like it is the perfect time for us to start brushing up about all we about the gym rework.

Many people members on our team read through the game’s code, every once in awhile to check if there were any under the hood changes that were made. That will be of great importance in the coming months. These include going through all the APK files to see for new additions, and constantly monitoring for any server side changes being implemented into the game.

Niantic has done a good job at keeping all of its juicy details under wraps, the only details we know about are a little murky at the moment. Due to this many of trainers worldwide do not know much about the things that will be making a big splash in the upcoming update.

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