Pokemon Go Gym Rework! What We Assume It To Be


Well Niantic tweeting out that all the gyms in Pokemon go will be shutting down on the Monday, June 19. So all trainers are highly advised to collect their defender bonus and watch out for an app update the coming Thursday.Pokemon Go is about to shut down its gyms so they can extensively renovate the oft-criticized feature. While the gyms were supposed to be a rallying point for the three Pokemon Go teams, the system has turned stagnant due to a combination of every gym getting loaded up with the same handful of high level defenders, waves of bot accounts, and the amount of time it takes to wear down a gym to the point where it can be captured.

So what will the new gym update entail? Well….we don’t really know. Niantic has made just a few comments about the gyms, and we’ve only gotten a few hints from edits to Pokemon Go’s code. We’ve taken those code edits and comments and taken our best stab at what they mean for the upcoming update.

    • More Co-operative Game play

    • Image result for pokemon Cooperative Game play

      • There’s tons of flaws with Pokemon Go’s gym system, but Niantic feels a lot of them stem from the lack of cooperative gameplay. There is an incentive to teaming up with others when attacking gyms, but it’s limited to wearing down gym defenders a bit quicker. There’s no strategy to it – the more bodies you bring, the faster a gym goes down.
      • Niantic says they want to change that. When they announced the gym update earlier in June, they specifically cited that it would bring more opportunity for “collaborative gameplay.”
      • Many originally speculated that gyms would turn into hubs for 1v1 battles after the update is complete, but Niantic’s hints imply that it will be something to force players to work together instead of compete against each other.

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