Pokemon Go Event’s Ticket Goes On Sale


Pokemon GO’s first anniversary event is upon us. Right now we’re in the midst of the fire and ice themed “Solstice Event,” a pretty standard affair that’s kicking off some gameplay. Coming up, however, is “Pokémon GO Fest,” a big party in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 22 celebrating the game and its community one year in. This is an official event, unlike the untold number of unofficial meetups all over the world, and so you’ll need tickets to get in. And those tickets go on sale tomorrow, June 19, at this website at 10:00 AM PDT. I expect them to go quickly, so show up as close to that time as possible to get a chance .

We don’t have a huge amount of information about what Pokémon GO Fest will actually entail, but we do have a decent guess about what it will not be. It will almost certainly not be the fabled first legendary event, because Niantic seems to have begun to lean away from the sort of location-specific events of the kind it showcased in that original reveal trailer. Limiting legendaries to people that made the trip to Chicago would irk the community in a way I think Niantic knows enough to avoid. That could always be wrong, of course.

That doesn’t mean that they’re won’t be some kind of in-game prizes available, however. The fact that Niantic is charging for tickets means that the developer needs to provide a little bit more than the “meet Pikachu” format on offer for the recently detailed European live events. The tickets will provide a registration list, of course, which Niantic could use to distribute prizes to people confirmed to have attended the event. I’d expect unique cosmetic items to make an appearance, and maybe some rare Pokémon as well.

In any event we can certainly expect some lure modules, food trucks and plenty of Pokémon fans milling about. The collaborative gameplay update will likely be live by then, so those players might even have something to do together. We’ll see.Lemme hear what you guys think about this amazing new event in the comment section or if you wanna get in touch with me on social media like Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram, and request something or discuss any doubt Im there to help you guys out. Stay connected with us for all recent update.

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