10 Mindblowing Facts You Should Know About Mifune


Mifune was a Samurai warrior from the Land of Iron. He was also their general. Mifune was first introduced during the Five Kage Summit Arc, right after the invasion of Pain. He was also an extremely powerful character, whose fighting style differed from the rest of the characters in the series. Mifune also took an active part in the 4th Great Ninja War. Since you may not know a lot about him, today, i’ve decided to make a list of facts you should know about the legendary Samurai. So lets begin on our list of facts shall we?
10. Mifune was a strong, and proud warrior. He was also the rival of Hanzō. Even when the rest of his comrades quivered in war, he faced Hanzo alone. However, he was defeated by Hanzo bitterly in the past. Hanzo took pity on his life and gave him the antidote for the poison and left.
9. Mifune’s personally has been described as a very calm, and calculating. He didn’t even react when he found out Danzo was manipulating him. This is a major factor behind his position as the general of the Land of Iron.

8. All the Samurai from the Land of Iron wear a mask. However, that is not the case with Mifune. He doesn’t wear a mask. While the reason behind this is unknown, it is probably because of the fact that he is a General.
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