10 Facts You Should Totally Know About Shin


Shin was a shinobi of the Root, which headed directly by Danzo Shimura. Shin consideres Sai to be his brother. He became Sai’s adoptive brother. Shin was great help to Sai in the Root. He was very talented shinobi but he suffered from an unknown illness. It seriously hindered his progress as a shinobi. Even his ordinary taijutsu skills were more superior than other ANBU members. Sp, today I have made list of 10 amazing facts about Shin.

10. Shin’s eyes were depicted as being black. However, when he was reincarnated, the only time his eyes are seen open in the manga, they were depicted to be light-coloured.

9. According to the databook, Shin’s hobby was to look at pictures Sai drew. Shin would look at Sai’s pictures whenever he was drawing anything.
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