How Pokemon’s developers stay sharp!


How Pokemon’s developers stay sharp!

While HarmoKnight and Pocket Card Jockey both appeared on the Nintendo 3DS, Tembo the Badass Elephant was released on the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, and the more recent Giga Wrecker was released on Steam this past February. All four were born from an in-house program from Game Freak called “Gear Project,” in which Game Freak developers their own create original games.

So basically the way their developers stay so sharp is by allowing them to work on creating their own games while working for Game Freak. This gives developers opportunity to sharpen both sides of their sword.

“I’ve been at Game Freak for seven years, but ever since I’ve joined the company, I knew they had a system that let devs make their own games,” programmer Masayuki Onoue recently told Kotaku at BitSummit in Kyoto. “So originally I wanted to make my own game, and, with that in mind, I joined Game Freak.”

Gear Project is open to anyone at Game Freak. They pitch their ideas, and the ones the higher-ups think sound interesting get the okay for their creators to spend three months making a prototype. “After the three month period, the prototypes are then judged by several Game Freak members,” said by Masayuki Onoue.

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