Pokemon GO: Rock Pokemon Rarities


Who wants to know which rock type Pokemon you will mostly encounter during this event? Well, with numbers a Reddit user by the name Charter23 has provided the numbers of rock Pokemon they have caught so far.

Oddly enough though, there are a few Pokemon that aren’t rock types that seem to have had their spawns increased as well. Even Pikachu in some areas?!? Slugma isn’t a rock type Pokemon but had it’s spawn increased. This is because Magcargo, Slugma’s evolved form, is a rock type Pokemon.

Now on to the Pokemon you will see more often than others during this event!

Geodude 512

Slugma 512

Rhyhorn 256

Kabuto 256

Omanyte 256

Onyx 64

Sudowoodo 64

Shuckle 64

Magcargo 16

Graveler 16

Aerodactyl 4

Larvitar 4

Kabutops 1

Omastar 1

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