Pokémon’s Future Is On Mobile And The Switch, And Nintendo Should Embrace That


Pokémon’s Future Is On Mobile And The Switch, And Nintendo Should Embrace That

Tons of trainers world-wide have been clinging to the Pokemon GO game that released last year as trainers flocked in crowds just to catch Pokemon. Imagine how this would have been with battling and trading alongside Legendary Pokemon? In just under a year Niantic made a billion dollars just from an unfinished version of the game that was unplayable at release.

Think about how much money Nintendo could make if they decided to release the first two Pokemon generation games to the mobile market, similar to 2k’s release of Jade Empire to mobile. The games would do so well, that tons of trainers of all ages would be caught playing Pokemon Yellow->Crystal without using ROMS. Nintendo would make so much money from the mobile market that they’d literally have to do nothing but make mobile versions of their games as other games move towards the mobile market as’well.

Also with the Nintendo Switch being the next best thing for them, imagine a game on that engine that involved multiple regions in one game allowing you to trade and battle in a realistic open world similar to Dragonball Xenoverse. There’s so many opportunities with the new switch that Nintendo literally can only mess up by being lazy which is very unlikely.

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