Pokémon GO Should Release A Legendary A Week, All Summer Long


Pokémon GO Should Release A Legendary A Week, All Summer Long

Tons of trainers have been wondering when Legendary Pokemon are going to be released especially when considering there are two generations of Pokemon out. Which both generations have their own respective legendary pokemon to offer. So there’s plenty of Legendary Pokemon to go around.

Niantic have released their newest event for rock-type Pokemon, which tons of trainers seem to not be eager for. Instead, we believe Niantic should offer a Legendary Pokemon a week during summer break for children. These Legendary Pokemon could be the Birds or Dogs that are famously known for being extremely rare and only able to catch in hand-held games after nearly beating it.

We know Niantic have something planned for legendary Pokemon, though I believe the loyal members of the Pokemon GO fanbase deserve a treat for their loyalty especially after sticking through with the lack of features promised during teaser faze. How they should be released? I believe they could come up with a global event or some type of quest where you have to go on an adventure and gather a few items before being able to catch the Legendary Pokemon.

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