Nintendo is Bringing Zelda and Pokemon to Mobile


Nintendo is Bringing Zelda and Pokemon to Mobile

Rumors reported in The Wall Street Journal say that a Zelda mobile game is on the way, and that The Pokemon Company is planned a mobile card-based game.

We’re currently unsure how exactly the card-based game will go, though we’re pretty sure it’ll be similar to one of the Yugioh games currently on mobile. The game is supposed to be released after Animal Crossing’s mobile game is released. The Legend of Zelda is also reportedly making a release to mobile right before the Pokemon game will touch the mobile market.

We’re not surprised that Pokemon is looking to expand to the mobile gaming market as Pokemon GO was a really huge hit for Nintendo and Niantic. Hopefully Niantic decide to bring our favorite generation 1 Pokemon games to the mobile market. Yellow version, Red version and Blue versions would be amazing to play without having to use a ROM or owning an older  version of a gameboy just to play them.

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