New Info About Pokémon GO’s Upcoming Raids Suggests Two Possibilities!


New Info About Pokémon GO’s Upcoming Raids Suggests Two Possibilities!


Tons of players are really confused about how raids will work in the future as Niantic originally released a raids teaser in the Pokemon GO release trailer that showed tons of trainers gathering at a local raid to catch Mewtwo. Now from APK changes and source code finds, we’re really unsure how this will go as it seems Niantic are looking to place raids as a gym mechanic.

Dronpes from TheSilphRoad recently commented on Raid Pokemon from a recent APK digging. 

Raid Pokemon

Some new hints have appeared in the code involving so-called “raid” Pokemon. These hints appeared alongside a list of XP-earning events called ACTIVITY_’s. The new XP-earning activities are explicitly named:


It appears XP will be granted for defeating a raid Pokemon (possibly an offensive Pokemon attacking a Gym your ‘mon is defending), as well as for feeding this Pokemon a berry.

The ‘search’ activity is especially unclear at this point, as ‘search’ is used elsewhere in the APK to denote network calls, etc, and typically not what the end user would consider a search.

But it is our guess that feeding berries may be a real-time, socket-based attempt to rejuvenate and strengthen your defender remotely as they are attacked by opponents at their gym. This mechanic is utilized in Ingress to more actively defend critical portals from afar. Many find the push notifications about on-going attacks to be one of the most fast-paced elements of the competitive scene.

It seems like both of these options could be a possiblity, though with the source codes having keywords like gym attachments to the raid codes we’re unsure if this could just be a new gym feature or a gateway for Legendary Pokemon.

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