How should the Legendary Bird Pokemon be released?


How should the Legendary Bird Pokemon be released?

Tons of trainers have been anticipating the release of Legendary Pokemon since release. One legendary Pokemon, Articuno made it into the game via glitch during the first few months of the game causing Niantic to remove them from the trainers Pokedex. Since then trainers have speculated how exactly the release will take place. For example..

One fan named [credit] u/metalslug53 created a Legendary Bird Encounter idea.

This idea is amazing, though I believe having a public event similar to the original Pokemon GO teaser would probably be even better. Another way could be unlocking the catch by obtaining gym badges from local enemy gyms and once you receive your 8th badge, your team leader will present you the option of battling or catching the legendary bird Pokemon that represents your team. They could also add a badge feature that allows us to create custom badges to hand out once someone tears down our gyms. Doing this would also allow Niantic to keep track of how many trainers actually use their gym feature.

Another way would be allowing us to battle our enemy team’s leader for the opportunity of catching their legendary bird representative while also obtaining a badge of honor from defeating them.

There’s so many opportunities for release that Niantic literally can only mess up by being lazy and just placing them as a random spawn. Hopefully public events will unlock these opportunities to catch legendary Pokemon, though i’m sure they have something global up their sleeve.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and have a wonderful day!

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