Here’s why Moveset rerolls may become a feature in Pokemon GO!


Here’s why Moveset rerolls may become a feature in Pokemon GO!


Tons of trainers world-wide have been requesting moveset rerolls since the first few weeks of Pokemon GO’s release. This has lead to trainers posting all over reddit bout this and even some tweeting at Niantic Support requesting for a moveset change to Pokemon we love.

Imagine finding a Dragonite for the first time to find out that it has a terrible moveset and is completely useless in gyms because of it. Without TM’s being in the game this can make things very sticky and will lead to trainers being demotivated.

One trainer actually got a reply from Niantic Support where they let the community know that we want the feature to be implemented in the game, though there has been no answer, we’re pretty sure they’re going to start working on it as it’s a very minor feature.

If this feature does make it into the game, how many Pokemon will you use it for? Also not sure if it’s going to be a limited feature, though it would make sense to make it limited so everyone’s not spamming this for all of their Pokemon to be perfect.

That’s all for now though, have a wonderful day!

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