Here’s how Generation 2’s Legendary Beast Pokemon Should be Released!


Here’s how Generation 2’s Legendary Beast Pokemon Should be Released!

Tons of trainers are still anticipating the release of the first generations legendary bird Pokemon. Which the 3 Legendary Beast Pokemon will obviously come out after the bird Pokemon come out. Entei,Suicune and Raikou will probably have an amazing release regardless of how they are placed in the game.

Though I have an amazing idea for their release during the summer, which probably won’t happen even though it’d be amazing. Ok, So my idea is to have the Legendary beasts wait for us at historical places. How you’ll know about them being there is a notification from Niantic, telling you exactly which beast is there.

For example, Niantic sends a global notification saying Entei is at the Library waiting for you, then comes the crowds of trainers walking there in search for Entei. After you make it to the library, Entei should lead you on a chase for him as he travels to 4-5 historical landmarks allowing you to have a chance of catching him each time. Now this event could gather loads of crowds at each of these places, and I’m not quite sure how Niantic will be able to randomize each release for every city in the world though I’m sure it’s very possible.

I know this idea is very similar to the original method of catching the legendary beasts in Silver,Crystal versions which is why I think it’d be ethical for Niantic to do it this way. It’s possible that they could also release them to attend random Poke Stops to make it easier for other trainers who don’t have a lot of historical landmarks around them.

Let me know what you think in the comment section and have a wonderful day!

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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