10 4th Great Ninja War Facts Every Naruto Fan Should Know!


The 4th Great Ninja War was a major arc in the Naruto series. It had some of the best moments as well as some let downs. Here are 10 amazing facts you should know about this war.
10. The 4th Great Ninja War was fought between the Allied Shinobi Forces, and the Akatsuki allied with Kabuto Yakushi, in order to gain control of the 8 and 9 Tails.
9. The battle began on the 8th of October and lasted until the 10th, with the victory of the Allied Shinobi Forces, the complete collapse of Akatsuki, and the sealing of the Ten-Tails.

8. Both the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki had amassed considerable forces for this war; 80,000 shinobi and samurai total made up the Alliance versus 100,000 Zetsu clones and reincarnated shinobi supplied by Kabuto making up Tobi’s army.

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