Dragon Ball Series Ki Explained


Dragon Ball Series Ki Explained

Hey guys this is Krishna and today I am going to be explaining how does Ki works.

Dragon Ball Series Ki Explained

Ki  is an important part of how Dragon Ball Series works. The Saiyans use it, Humans use it, everyone in general uses it. So you know its important. Then there is the deluxe version called God Ki. However, I will be just explaining normal Ki, and might go over some of features of God Ki. I will also be explaining how transformations, and a lot of other things in Dragon Ball Series works.

What is Ki??

Dragon Ball Series Ki Explained

So Ki in general is the life force/life energy that is found by characters in Dragon Ball Series. Akira Toriyama himself said that ki is made of genki, yuki and shoki. Genki is energy, yuki is courage, and shoki is mind. Characters in Dragon Ball can use it in order to increase their strength, speed and stamina. They also use it for different ki techniques such as kamehameha, ki blasts, final flash and my favorite Final Kamehameha to deal considerable amount of damage to their opponents.

Yuki/Courage: Remember when Trunks got an amp during his fight with Zamasu?? That would be an example of courage amp from ki. When he found the courage to fight against Zamasu he gained Yuki.


Shoki/Mind: So according to the translation its right mindedness. I would say an example of that would be when Majin Vegeta broke through Babidi’s mind control he gained Shoki by coming back to his right mind, or super saiyan Blue where they have calm mind. It would increase their shoki as well.



Energy/Genki: Now this is the most common one we see in the series. Some examples of this would be ki blasts, kamehameha, final flash, big bang attack and galick gun.


Ki Forms

So ki in general is transparent/invisible. However, when a user accumulates a substantial amount of ki it can be seen. For example, Kamehameha, Ki Aura’s and many other techniques such as Kaio-Ken. It is implied that Ki color is dependent on the personality of the user, and sometimes even race of that user. There are also different types of Ki. The two most popular are God Ki and Normal Ki.

God ki is found in deities and divine beings who naturally emit God Ki. While there are a few mortals such as Goku and Vegeta who can also emit God Ki. However, there is a third form of ki shown in Dragon Ball Z that is often ignored. This form of ki is unlike God ki or normal ki and is found in the Androids.

They seem to have a weird artificial source of ki that they can use. That ki cannot be sensed by other characters and is also said to be unlimited in reserve. I say that it cannot be sensed by other characters because Cell was attacked by Android 16 from the back and Cell wasn’t even able to sense him at that time. Now I want to clear something up. While it is true that the Androids have unlimited stamina and that they cannot get tired because of it, that does not mean they are omnipotent. Infinite Ki reserves does not mean they are omnipotent, and most people often associate having unlimited power with being unbeatable. While the Androids have unlimited Stamina they have a limit to how much power they can actually keep on outputting. Remember 17 was an equal to Piccolo, and the only reason he beat him was because his stamina was unlimited while Piccolo was tired by the end of their battle. While they can increase that limit with training, they are not unbeatable. That is not true at all.


Trasformations are a crucial part of Dragon Ball as well. Transformations have a major impact on ki as well. Super Exciting Guides state that Super Saiyan in general give a 50 times boost. Ki can enhance the strength and speed of the characters. Thus that 50 times ki boost will actually make that character 50 times stronger. However, characters can sometime transform to make themselves weaker. This was the case with Cell who turned himself back into a larvae just so that he would be able to fit into the time machine again which in turn made him weaker. There are different transformations. For example characters like Saiyans, Frieza, etc who can transform at will, and characters like Cell  and Buu who need to absorb other characters or have a condition be met in order to transform. There are different boosts for each transformations as well.

God Ki

Dragon Ball Ki Explained

So God ki in general is the Ki used by Gods or rather produced by Gods and deities in Dragon Ball Super. However, mortals such as Goku and Vegeta can use it. God ki is really distinctive because in most of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z we have seen that ki doesn’t really have a color. We not until it hit Dragon Ball Z. God ki however, is much more distinctive. Beerus’s ki, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) all have distinctive ki patterns in their aura. Super Saiyan God’s aura is like fire, while Blue is a distinctive Blue Aura with small particles in it. Zamasu had a Black Ki, while Goku Black in Rose had an aura similar to Super Saiyan Blue but in dark pink and dark purple with small particles in it. It cannot be sensed like normal ki. But it does give off a distinct pressure that can be sensed. As a lot of characters in DBS claim that they have sensed it.

Let me know in the comments section what do you guys think of it. Do you still have anymore questions?? Is there any interesting topics you would like me to write an article about??


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