Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 “Goku-Tien v Piccolo-Gohan”- Preview Breakdown!


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 90, Tien will team up with Goku and fight the Gohan-Piccolo duo in a team battle as a part of the training ahead of the tournament of power.



Tien got in a very legit position of action after a long time; the preview summary even specifically mentions that he will use some unique techniques giving Gohan a run for his money. As you all know, Tien is a great tactician, and his attacks can be super mind blowing. Like, how he used the Four Witches technique in the last episode, but that was an old technique that he also used back in the Dragon Ball days. I am expecting to see attacks that we have never seen before in the coming episodes or in the Battle Royal. Hopefully, it’s going to be a treat for all the Tien fans.  For this exact reason that he is going to get action in Episode 90, DBS didn’t give him too much in Episode 89. However, these lead to some misconceptions in the fan community, especially among the fans who don’t pay much attention while watching the Episode. So, basically Tien tried to stop witchcraft controlled Master Roshi, and Roshi got the better off him, but before he could counter attack. Goku interfered, the match, in order to save time, obviously Goku is many folds stronger than both of them, and gets the job done faster. As we only have 9 hours in hand, the purpose is made even clearer when Goku instead of defeating Roshi in a fair fight, goes against his own nature, and as Chiatzuo distracts Yurine Roshi gets inactive allowing Goku to take him out. Otherwise the fight would have continued longer, this makes it clear that Goku’s purpose was to save time not Tien. Perhaps Tien could take care of Roshi, but that could take more time.

Also, Roshi was under control and out for Blood. He was using full power, and just wanted to tear Tien apart. While, Tien was in his natural state, and was not going to inflict any real damage on Roshi based on such a trivial matter, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Watch what type of attacks they use, Roshi is in his maximum power form, and all on a sudden uses his paralyzing finisher that he used against Kid Goku back in the Dragon Ball days, and clearly pointed that it was a finisher move. Tien’s finisher equivalent attack would be the Tri-Beam, but he didn’t use that. He was using the extra 2 arms, which basically assists in hand to hand combat not any killer attack. So, all that point taken in consideration we can’t say that Roshi is confirmed to be stronger than Tien based on what was shown in Episode 89. Now, this is not to say Roshi could in no way surpass Tien, but the last episode incident doesn’t confirm anything.

Anyways, moving on, we see Piccolo, and it looks like he is charging up an attack. Doesn’t look that familiar to me, it could be a new technique or attack. It might have got rather unnoticed but Piccolo also got a huge power boost as he was able to go toe to toe with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.  Piccolo has been training even more hardcore since resurrection f, and he even developed some badass new techniques.  In last episode, we saw him demonstrating one, as Gohan breaks his arm, but surprisingly he was still able to control it, and even shot a ki blast using that broken arm. That was some next level shit, we haven’t seen Piccolo do anything like that before. So, Piccolo fans get your hopes high.


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