Why do Aburame Clan usually hide their eyes?


There is not much we know about the Aburame clan as it mostly plays the support role of the plot. And its members and practices are mostly mysteries. Even from the old days, its members are hideous and only appear when necessary. And the common thing about them besides insect control is the shades they always put on their eyes.

At first you might think its just their style. But the fact that none of us has never seen their eyes takes it a little bit further. Let us try to discover if there’s something more behind them covering their eyes.

Usually most people who follow the custom of putting on shades have weird eyes. And the moment they open their eyes you’d be surprised how they look like. For some other reasons this clan seems to like keeping what makes up their eyes a secret from people. Basically these guys body is made up entirely of insects, so what’s the catch here?


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