Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Preview Breakdown- “Piccolo x Gohan”


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 88, Gohan will train for real, for the first time in Dragon Ball Super, and he will get trained by his all-time master Piccolo. Previously, Android 17 agreed to join the Universe 7 team, after displaying his shocking powers, being able to hold his own against SSB Goku. If you are wondering if that makes sense, check out the ‘ Android 17’s Enormous Potential’ video where I explained the logic behind 17’s power, and what Akira Toriyama had to say about it. Link to that video can be found in the description, as well as in the comments section.



In this video, I’ll breakdown the preview trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 88, but before going to the frame by frame segment. Let’s take a look at The Episode Title, Preview Summary and all that. By the way, be warned that the video might contain mild spoilers up to Episode 92

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Title- Gohan and Piccolo, Student and Master Train to the Limit

In order for Universe 7 to win the tournament of power, Gohan’s Recovery is important. Gohan’s Master, Piccolo puts him through a special one-on-one training in order to help his body gain back its lost strength. What is the result of his training?

Gohan’s training for the tournament of power! Master Piccolo’s special training. I will make Gohan stronger!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Preview Breakdown- "Piccolo x Gohan"
Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Preview Breakdown- “Piccolo x Gohan”

Ever since the start of Dragon Ball Super, the fans have been demanding to get him back in action, to get him back as a fighter. Whether it makes sense or not, doesn’t matter. Fans only want to see Gohan as a badass warrior, not some family guy who is worthless when it comes to having a real impact.

During the Future Trunks arc, I made a ‘ Make Gohan Great Again’ video, where I asked you all to share the video with #MakeGohanGreat again, and it went on to show that people really wants Gohan back in the show. As we got over 800,000 views in that video, but certainly it could get more, back then I only had like 20 something thousand subscribers.

Now. Finally, it looks like Gohan is going to be the character we always wanted him to be. Even if he doesn’t actually dominate the Tournament or plays Cell Saga level of role in this arc. It will still be marking his return as a fighter, which could allow him to totally play a lead role in some future arc. Now, we have a lot of hints that he will rock this arc, and I made a video giving 7 reasons why that’s likely to happen. Check that video out for the in-depth analysis, but I’m also going to mention the basic points here-

Number 1: Gohan Is Loving It, and is pumped up to fight. His Saiyan Blood is making him excited just for the sake of fighting, and that is rather uncommon for Gohan.

Number 2: Future Trunks Transformation and Gohan’s Training. Since Trunks got a new transformation after training with Vegeta in the last arc, and since Gohan is going to train with Goku according to the Episode 90 spoilers, that means Gohan is also likely to get a new form, given how things went in Cell saga when Goku last trained him.

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