What did Boruto just summon?


Boruto Anime has just reached its fourth episode this week and it has already got into complex jutsu. Like the summon that Boruto displayed. It seems like things will get heated up quickly and we might witness the next generation in real battle soon.  If you have been following Boruto then you already know of the greatest moment so far. Boruto summoned a mysterious looking monster to which even Konohamaru was shocked. We will try to analyse what kind of a monster. Or a thing that was as it is something never seen before.

t did not fully appear as it was covered in bright light and the only visible parts where the head. Which looked like that of a lion and the part that kind of looked like a shake protruding from it. Based on Boruto’s preferences and the summoning scroll he had on his back, we are going to find out what that thing could possibly be.

On his first try Boruto’s summoning did not work as he had no contract with any animal or beasts. But on his second try things turned out differently. It is likely that he had not yet signed the contract with it yet as it appeared and almost attacked him later on. We could assume that it was appearing in order for him to sign validate the contract .

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